About the author….

Katherine Walker


MythologyThe Sandwich Island Quarterly, 
The Garden Island NewspapeR
Kauai Business & Real Estate Magazine
Grant writer 
Confessions on a Rainy Alter, Rappahannock College poetry prize, 1982 winner

Chimera, self-published poems & essays, with artwork by G. Hendrickson, 1993
Puffenburger Award, Cum Laude, Quill & Scroll, Chairperson-Sierra Club, State of Hawaii

Sadness prevails

this chill cicada chopper fade

a night 

after heat left, talking 

when it’s a how 

All along.

She listens

as Pontiac tired 

Whispers skirt by 

some long-cherished

ritualized say Good-byes

 The distant murmur of the trucks 

bringing life into the city as she

Contemplated when not where

or how or why?


Time had been no one’s friend. 

She felt guilty that the pup guarded her, while her conscience explodes.

Thus far


All the Kings horses

We are watched

   from above 

      for now

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