Other investigations of the phenomenon, such as "Why People Fail to Recognize Their Own Incompetence" (2003), indicate that much incorrect self-assessment of competence derives from the person's ignorance of a given activity's standards of performance.[4] Dunning and Kruger's research also indicates that training in a task, such as solving a logic puzzle, increases people's ability to accurately evaluate how good they are at it.[5]

Oh who could admit what no one wants to accept and that is we are not right with our mother The Pronouncement a mere prognosis  No promotion could begin to cover end of life seams and stitches can  and it's the farthest from how we actually feel We question our lives in separate corners... Continue Reading →

I was almost killed, nearly.beaten to death in a McDonald's parking lot in February of this year. This violent assault  resulted in brain trauma and amnesia  and as such. White memorial hospital really fucked up - but that's a whole nother story  Then the city terrace chop shop experience. And my wonderful nonexistent friends -... Continue Reading →

He was aquatic  She, nomadic  Theirs, a Predestined affinity  for perishing Refer unsung heroes ever since  then, I knew mine was  a life  word bullons  crude  Contraband hush puppies  Heroin""""""(filled) burritos  Snuggling  so you don't  (to?) have sharp objects on you when your spouse  With That I think I'll  Preordained misery Already knew  Always,  that ... Continue Reading →

You can't wait Til you're the only one talking Yet you've got nothing to say Because you have yet to really live  Go In silence  And listen to the world Seek your own truth You will need to know it  in the times ahead 

to keep reminding you of the lateral disappointment  of the many in-between Entanglements   Just in case  Oh why not How could you? Who am I? Who do I act like I am, who do I think I am? Who knows. I don't generally think about that. I think about all the things I could... Continue Reading →

I used to give 5 bucks to the police fund coz I thought maybe 25% were good. Now I can honestly say maybe 14 cops in the entire country aren't evil sadisric liars. 

The police act hostile immediately. There is no investigation. They can bring four officers to your door, lie (repeatedly), ask you o step outside to answer a few questions. You comply, wondering what this could possibly be about.  You are not asked any questions but are told to face the wall and put your hands... Continue Reading →

Game's end  Almost Neared  We headed Out  Ample proof  Just happenstance  fluctuating  circumventing  Our distance  Threshold You soar ~across the sky  to look me  In the eye  Ikeep saying you want  petrified  like Wood Scared  Stiff  Still  life  With woodpecker  A fly  Or Fad Gadfly  On the  Prowl  muse of song  mystic maker 

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