“Your word for …

“Your word for the day is nuance, but it could get lost in the outer noise. Keep in mind that it’s less important what you SAY now than how you say it. There’s a vast difference in the various shadings of gray, and it may be the very subtle perceptions that have the biggest impact…”

Twittascope for Virgo as of :41 min minutes ago. It had taken me this long to get thru the technology just to transpose that the old school way. Well it came true I pissed off some girl who didn’t realize I was speaking as if her and commiserating, and took it as if I were insulting her. Not sure why I would do that but I think she expects people to, so all I could do is try to explain a concept that makes no sense, really, I could quite possibly be insane whatever that means, I just don’t think like other people.

And sarkasm has not filter. No way of telling those not normally inclined to assume snark first and figure it out later that their world of literalism isn’t at all what we’re talking about here. Just trying to encourage, send position and light, through a very dark scattered rumination on how fucked my own life is and how my favorite thing to do is to laugh about it.

Seconds weird ‘debate’ which could be called an altercation judging  by the topic/language that got more agress (what kind of niggas ur hanging out with) — I was like, you don’t need to know about the niggas I be hanging out with mother fucker hoodie man. See you in skid row and impress me with your toughness there. People can’t stand being called on their shit. They just expect you to click 1 of 2 buttons only–either the pass this shit along out into the universe (a RT or SHARE or gism on my schism) or gold start/trophy it (29.99 seems a bit excessive — I think they should have a beginner option by the way — I’d pay 9.99 to try it out with option to cancel if in 6 months I am not fully addicted). The FAV, the STAR, the LIKE. I appreciate that on Kush Common they have the DISLIKE click option. It’s good for those times when someone says something that sucks and you don’t want to like it. But you don’t want to get involved in commenting either–that can be the kiss of death, so to speak.


I am sad. My friend from high school is dying. She is in Hospice now, chemo didn’t work (does it ever) and I don’t want her to go thru too much pain I have a feeling she will die this week and it will be hard on everyone around her.


But back to my last jesus what the fuck is wrong with people moment. Sexy Hoodie guy we’ll call him posts a sign that says real men don’t settle arguments with guns but with fists. Okay, well I get from that that maybe they are a democrat gun control lobby mouthpiece but it’s clear that guns are the enemy here and this guy who posted it and all the ‘niggas he be associating with’ (as he called me very loudly — if we were in the same room he would have been what I would call nasty over a stupid idea of his and all I am doing is dismantling it — unlike commisserate girl who just is not smart enough to understand how crazy I am (i have to say that because that’s what everyone says about super smart people they don’t understand–instead of saying, oh, they’re light years ahead of me on these topics but their personal and financial situations are a disaster compared to mine so I am a better person overall–why can’t they just relinquish ‘self-righteousness’ in the name of realizing that what you just expressed is actually stupid, meaningless, hypocritical jargon you think means something to everyone. When they say no, it actually means you’re still a violent asshole  you take offense and bring up your glock again.


Here was the debate. The sigh was real men don’t use guns to settle arguments they used fists. Having grown up in a family where I regularly witnessed my father and brother beating the shit out of each other (over what? My Father called my lying and perverted brother ‘the answer man’ — my brother resented my father for his stone cold medical way of coping with all the crap he’s been thru. So be it. Disputes were NEVER SETTLED WITH FISTS you fucking moron. And I never felt this way til you started INSULTING me instead of just having a little fucking ‘healthy debate’ — now the commiseration girl I just feel bad because of several typos which made it seem even more foreign hostile ghetto (“metro dumbass” she thinks I called her when I was saying to her detractiors, me too dumbass or something like that. All of a sudden I’m insulting her bus route.


But hoodie dude who meanders at best–I’ve noticed both the left and the right like to focus on the other side’s position and debunking whatever bullshit is in order that week between C-SPAN and Washington WREAKS in Review. So don’t think about it too much. Cunt-Span. So yeah, again what I worked on as a matter of logical discourse (you say ‘fists’ but why is that better, again? Or are you just some cause lobotomy moron?) and people don’t like to ‘debate’ ideas. They like to espouse opinions (talk about great they are at fucking, or how much vodka they drink or telling you to fuck off–got that 2x today, but once I deserved it for drunk tweet composition –which goes hand in hand with the ‘fuck it’ thought without reading the b.s. you just half-composed out of some brain power hard core training in college and the amount of vodka consuming the rest of your rational world as we speak. Binge drinker. Still have a problem. Hey problems, get in line.


And now everyone can we please realize that most of what I say is meant to make you think (sorry everyone else can agree with you but I have to be the one person to at least make sure there’s a logical argument to all the bullshit that surrounds us. It may be nuts, crazy, insane and offensive, but I’ve studied its patterns and here are some consistent truths, here are some obvious (some I check as no-brainers, but most I skeptically re-visit a few more times) FACTS (you can’t deny, for instance, that guns are lethal when loaded and in the hands of a mad men who’s primary thought is “I want to go kill a bunch of people because I’m batman, or these bullies picked on me so I’m going to plan a slaughter killing more than just the people at fault because I want to be remembered (and that’s the only hope I’ve got left i hate life that much) and then the truth-meaning-life experience subjective (no matter what you say, Kant, Kierkegaard – Husserl, Wittgenstein, Sartre, Hobbes, Locke, and Mr. Hegel who was an idealist but not in the extreme like Berkeley. He is associated with the Hegelian dialectic — a method of dialogue that involves presenting a thesis, followed by an anti-thesis, and finally a synthesis.He was very influential both in terms of later thinkers who agreed with him (like Marx) as well as thinkers who developed new ideas in opposition to him (like Kierkegaard).

SO with that you are going to believe that solving arguments with fists is superior to guns and then go off on my choice of niggas to hang around. Okay. Well you can keep that belief, I will move along. I am not running for public office or trying to get followers into the cut. I just want you to think about what the fuck you are saying asshole.


And to the commiserating chick. If you’re gonna post heartfelt stuff in a public forum, I don’t know if you haven’t had much ‘real world’ experience but maybe re-read things people say, see what else they say, see what kind of person they are not just the one response to your concern.


I’m thinking last time I’ll try to agree with anyone on anything but will just keep reading for the most clever and well-crafted micro-observations about the absurdity of the whole kit and kaboodle.


Now, if you will please just listen, I am sure I can convince you of the logic of considering that your thinking may be flawed. If I am wrong, which I am sometimes, I freely admit it and will confess and put it in writing. That makes me confused as most of the ones I have encountered are so narcissistic, self-absorbed, shallow and uninteresting that they don’t even notice. They only seethe in their emotional response to an intellectual process.

“What I learned on my summer vacation” or over the past 3 weeks when I have gone head-first into the vortex of twitter and I feel like there’s a cacophony heard around the world right there, if you can just STFU once in a while and listen to it. You always take a risk responding to a proclamation. If you have the same sense of humor, it renews faith in humanity (for 30 seconds). But most people don’t engage, they are too busy checking their own star meter to want to be interacted with so hence the emotional bashing of what in essence were very common typos.

The typos, your honor, were typos everyone has come to know as meaning nothing. Like duck. Everyone knows that is auto-correct for fuck. Unless you raise ducks.




When Tony Montana dies, the globe says, “The World is Yours”, which is what flashed on a billboard when Tony Camonte (Paul Muni) died in the original Scarface (1932).  




The Dark Side, in the middle

It violates the code of junkie, she blurts out, proud of herself that’s behind her, for now, but it always looms, circling your heels like a shadow or a panther, growling underneath its breath, waiting, just waiting, for you to slip up, again. Coz we all know it’s inevitable.Floornap

Evidence of aversion to ambiguity

The Ellsberg paradox is a paradox in decision theory in which people’s choices violate the postulates of subjective expected utility.[1] It is generally taken to be evidence for ambiguity aversion. The paradox was popularized by Daniel Ellsberg, although a version of it was noted considerably earlier by John Maynard Keynes.[2]

The basic idea is that people overwhelmingly prefer taking on risk in situations where they know specific odds rather than an alternate risk scenario in which the odds are completely ambiguous—even when mathematically the odds are identical.[3][unreliable source?] That is, given a choice of risks to take (such as bets), people “prefer the devil they know” rather than assuming a risk where odds are difficult or impossible to calculate.[4]

Ellsberg actually proposed two separate thought experiments, the proposed choices which contradict subjective expected utility. The 2-color problem involves bets on two urns, both of which contain balls of two different colors. The 3-color problem, described below, involves bets on a single urn, which contains balls of three different colors.

Generality of the paradox

Note that the result holds regardless of your utility function. Indeed, the amount of the payoff is likewise irrelevant. Whichever gamble you choose, the prize for winning it is the same, and the cost of losing it is the same (no cost), so ultimately, there are only two outcomes: you receive a specific amount of money, or you receive nothing.

A modification of utility theory to incorporate uncertainty as distinct from risk is Choquet expected utility, which also proposes a solution to the paradox.
Alternative explanations

Other alternative explanations include the competence hypothesis [7] and comparative ignorance hypothesis.[5] These theories attribute the source of the ambiguity aversion to the participant’s pre-existing knowledge.

Allais paradox
Ambiguity aversion

Subjective expected utility
Utility theory


Jump up ^ Ellsberg, Daniel (1961). “Risk, Ambiguity, and the Savage Axioms”. Quarterly Journal of Economics 75 (4): 643–669. doi:10.2307/1884324. JSTOR 1884324.

Schmeidler, D. (1989). “Subjective Probability and Expected Utility without Additivity”. Econometrica 57 (3): 571–587. doi:10.2307/1911053. JSTOR 1911053. edit


Economics paradoxes
Economics of uncertainty
Decision theory
Decision theory paradoxes
Statistical paradoxes

Collective retreat from society, prologue

The term me decade was coined by novelist Tom Wolfe in New York magazine in August 1976, describing the new American preoccupation with self-awareness and the collective retreat from history, community, and human reciprocity. The term seemed to de-scribe the age so aptly that it quickly became commonly associated with the 1970s. Compared to the 1960s, Americans in the 1970s were self-absorbed and passive. Americans turned from street theater to self-therapy, from political activism to psychological analysis. Everyone, it seemed, had an analyst, adviser, guru, genie, prophet, priest, or spirit. In the 1970s the only way many Americans could relate to one another was as members of a national therapy group.

And if that jubilee fall through, maybe I’ll meet you on the run

70s show
Heather, in the middle was my doll. She had floral print pants + red sunglasses.


Then maybe we just find ourselves at the river.

‘Desperation thoughts’ I swear he just said AFC champ

somewhere near the fjord

Katherine Walker That’s why, in history, the underground always plays a role in change and as such, there could be a resurgence of old school passage of knowledge which could be far more creative, like messengers carrying chips outside of the sanctioned web controlled by the ‘marketplace’–I don’t look at things like this as obstacles but necessary to the advancement of ‘the truths we hold self-evident” (in my opinion, these evolve): that knowledge cannot be controlled by any man-made power or disruption for the sake of chaos and planned chaos is either to stop an intended evil, or purports a purely negative intent to undermine good. Two sides of same coin. So, short of anarchy, which can’t have any rulebook you can follow, it’s anarchy, I say the laws are that there are no laws other than universal physics’ “a leads to b leads to c facts.” Consistently proven and smart guys like Einstein and Hawking concur. Everything else is variable. So keep paperbacks in your garage, and magazines in the work shop, as we pass down knowledge by any means possible
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An Inspiration Book: My Favorite Douglas Coupland Quotations

An Inspiration Book: My Favorite Douglas Coupland Quotations.



“And then I felt sad because I realized that once people are broken in certain ways, they can’t ever be fixed, and this is something nobody ever tells you when you are young and it never fails to surprise you as you grow older as you see the people in your life break one by one. You wonder when your turn is going to be, or if it’s already happened.”
-Douglas Coupland