Villa Real

The system is based upon ten (originally nine) glyphs. The symbols (glyphs) used to represent the system are in principle independent of the system itself. The glyphs in actual use are descended from Brahmi numerals and have split into various typographical variants since the Middle Ages. Etymology That much I expected. But then a third officer, whose nameContinue reading “Villa Real”

What you give away

my mom, she vacuumed everyday. Danchi- I don’t even think she had one…

Confessing the Fiery Highway

The override tithe ride Excerpts started hitting I now seem to binge study, subjects that feel, at times, unrelated, like a chaos theory of exisistential angst. I used to consume books. Now, listening to Central America on things they don’t want you to know in El Salvador 90% of deaths caused by US…. That placeContinue reading “Confessing the Fiery Highway”