Villa Real

The system is based upon ten (originally nine) glyphs.

The symbols (glyphs) used to represent the system are in principle independent of the system itself.

The glyphs in actual use are descended from Brahmi numerals and have split into various typographical variants since the Middle Ages.


That much I expected. But then a third officer, whose name was Villarreal, carefully read every page of my 2019 journal, including copious notes to self on work, relationships, friends, family, and all sorts of private reflections I had happened to write down. I told him, “Sir, I know there’s nothing I can do to stop you, but I want to tell you, as one human being to another, that you’re invading my privacy right now, and I don’t appreciate it.” Villarreal acknowledged the statement and went back to reading.

That was just the beginning. The real abuse of power was a warrantless search of my phone and laptop. This is the part that affects everyone, not just reporters and people who keep journals.

What you give away

It occurred to me the other day that you might be lying about whether Ray Ray was a pathological liar.

Aren’t all junkies?


No. I was gonna say, everyone’s favorite junkie a premiere funky who gets sulky in his freewheeling scene -stealing calamide lotion staring down the street while you pop those friggled uptown

home of the brave my ass I heard her say as you walked away

But save that for another day

Sing the song of truth

No one knows your name

Bring in

calamity Jane

Citizen Kane

Nathaniel Zane


Are you insane?

Some people call me loco

Mean Jean Feline

Coke machine

Powerful but


with the “wrong”


Confessing the Fiery Highway

  • The override tithe ride

Excerpts started hitting

  • I now seem to binge study, subjects that feel, at times, unrelated, like a chaos theory of exisistential angst.

I used to consume books.

Now, listening to Central America on things they don’t want you to know

in El Salvador 90% of deaths caused by US….

That place way down below Mexico…

—Ronald Reagan

Binge curiosity
  1. I’ll research cryptocurrency for 6 hours no breaks,
  2. Analyze 432 pages of legal briefs on civil code,
  3. Labyrinthine links reading to more links
  4. brought to America but set to expire
  1. fact check everything
  1. I’ll take the heat…

  2. from the pitchfork contingency who are now hearing the name Mercer puppet strings, luxury townhouse money laundering & those places he promised to save…well…
  3. I like a certain amount of heat but my whole life has been heat.

  4. Heat for being embarrassingly wrong, believing delusions that could kill us;
  1. Reaping the unique benefits of our “justice” system, a system of lies and more lies covered by the excessive words of lawyers in love with lying;
  2. Ruining lives one certiori at a time

granting Tharpe’s petition for certiorari, the court said that it disagreed with the Eleventh CIrcuit Court of Appeals’ conclusion that Tharpe had “failed to demonstrate that Barney Gattie’s behavior ‘had substantial and injurious effect or influence in