Rue de la ciudad

How does one redraw the narrative that tells the truth without giving it all away somehow not losing so mucho of you.

This Esperanto keyboard is keel of hello 80s to the jerk


The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (2010)

FEAR drives market ta



Coburg Tyre


Another set

More gone

Ahead of the curve

. “Mary Jane” has moved from Woodstock to Wall Street

DISRUPTIVE🔌/Acceleration /

Panic mesh Ryder
Brain pain
Traumatic brain injury

Answer no one.

Diffidence is self-distrust; modesty, a humble estimate of oneself in comparison with others, or with the demands of some undertaking.

Europe dies, Oceania Rises. Unified Soul Wanderers call bluffs while lying in wait.

A lair of shade.

Don’t forget to lock up.

They are watching you.


I almost wanted him to be god so he fouls up sometimes

The most dangerous enemy of truth and freedom amongst us is the compact majority—yes, the damned compact Liberal majority…

—Henrik Ibsen, An Enemy of the People


Prosthesis Function Y

It was manifest waste

Subterfuge the strategic plan

Erase as you go


Virtuales candidato listón para cambiar

A Minster de Diablo

I appeal to HIM


Before you go —


I have been touched by my God 
in my creation,…
of anointing callus across my face. 
I know the lyric of her pulse ..

-Tyehimba Jess

Carved Marble

God of the fallen water jug, 
of all the hope a vessel holds 
before spilling to barren sand. 

God of flesh hewn from earth 

God of flesh hewn from earth 
and hammered beneath a will 
immaculate with the power 
to bear life from the lifeless 
like a well in a wasteland. 

In a wasteland

I’m made in the image of a God 
that knows flight but stays me 
rock still to tell a story ancient as 
slavery, old as the first time 
hands clasped together for mercy 
and parted to find only their own 
salty blessing of sweat. 


Indus try



MJ Hempton

. “Mary Jane” has moved from Woodstock to Wall Street



…representing a 🔌

force for a slew of industries, including pharmaceutical, tobacco and beverage companies.

I’m made in the image of a God 
that knows flight but stays me 
rock still to tell a story ancient as 
slavery, old as the first time 
hands clasped together for mercy 
and parted to find only their own 
salty blessing of sweat. 


It’s like investing in the liquor industry in the 1930s, when Prohibition ended.


/It’s not just about getting high, though.

Problem is, signs are emerging that the marijuana green rush is becoming a bubble in search of a pin. But we’re starting to see a proliferation of dubious investments.


A proliferation of dubious investment

Disruptive dissonance breathe recklessness

Predictive Discourse

No, no, let me guess?!

What? (*mouth full)


Let me guess what you’re going to say next!


I would let you

predict, manipulate, disclose the expression of  anywhere from 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day…

Literary tomes

Yeah coz you only have

37,000 “thoughts”


An irrevocable negative bias

We have anywhere 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day, yes and on a daily basis these are 80% – 90% of negative thoughts that’s insane and most often they are the same thoughts that we have thought every day before yesterday. For as long as we can remember.

This is it

A Hollywood diatribe

A Washington fable

A Broadway revue

A three-ring circus sideshow.

Did anyone feel that earthquake yesterday?

Recused 10:14 a.m. on a cool, overcast June gloom morning, the fifteenth if June two thousand and nineteen.

Godspeed, Mandate Namaste, forever and ever booyah zombie.

Our brain and mind both are hard wired to overestimate the threats and underestimate the resources and opportunities.

From ancient sciences to today’s modern scientists have come across a term known as negative bias.

Egotists never seek to help anyone, regardless of their circumstances.

I to the negative power

Zeno’s dichotomy


The sun causes the fabric of space

to warp

String cheese theorists

The Facts of Existence

A Safehouse for Muses

We may solve, circumstantially, the augmented reality of a parallel universe.

Eurasia, a penultimate groupthink epiphany arises out of a simple equation.

Spillover effect

Spiraling, extreme, volatile, carbon-dated, altered sequences of DNA adapting to robo-vacs, wired rocks & the smart abacus as dimensions revert to chaos, incrementally – because

chaos is where it goes.


Woodpecker Project

American scientists working for the Pentagon have published research which demonstrates how to hide history as it happens.
A team at Cornell University working with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) has published a report in the journal Nature demonstrating how to hide an event for 40 trillionths of a second.

Two beams of particles travel round this tunnel are made to collide

The dispersion of the material is manipulated in time


the black hole in orbit

semantic equivocation.

the black hole of inaccuracies

  • dark energy

  • The black hole sun

    time is invariable through all portions of the universe

    These firms support mission-critical, high bandwidth applications involving cloud-based computing utilizing machine-to-machine connectivity.


    like chips




    Saints and sinners,

    frozen dinners

    But you don’t

    can’t say how

    all that you do not know


    Tied up in a bow

    semantic equivocation.

    the blockchain-backed registry provides a decentralized mechanism for centralized mechanics’ collateral damage

  • ˈɛlzəviːr

  • Elsevier – one of the world’s major providers of technical information.
  • As opposed to non-technical disinformation.

  • Their grip on information
  • ‘includes the entire academic research lifecycle, including software and data-management, instruction and assessment tools.[4]’

    a fragile mental picture of what was happening with each step of the algorithm.

    It is Friday before memorial day

    The Extreme Deep Field

    2:17 in well you needn’t

    Music is math

    There is that

    Or as she liked to put it


    The extreme deep field

    Of you who are not the only one

    That’s artificial intelligence

    And me

    Hey hey hey hey….Alley’s the roughest place I’ve ever been
    All the people down there….Livin’ for their whisky, wine, and gin

    7 billion light years away

    Felt more like 6 million

    Closer than




    How do you exonerate a feeling?

    OH to be fooled

    is not to play the fool

    Be kind heartened

    Learn how to hunt your attacker

    How can you possibly get enough time

    One minute

    Then another day

    Bad deviations

    Sad decisions

    Finally make their play

    Cher Baker plays

    These foolish things

    It’s as if he’s the only one who knows

    she thinks

    not alone

    Just isolated

    in her own debris

    Calibrated to degree

    take it easy


    Black eyed peas and rice

    XDF is the deepest image of the sky ever obtained and reveals the faintest and most distant galaxies ever seen.

    • An eXtreme Deep Field of Dreams

    “XDF allows us to explore further back in time than ever before”, said Garth Illingworth of the University of California at Santa Cruz, principal investigator of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field 2009 (HUDF09) program.

    explore further back in

    time than

    ever before

    The universe is 13.7 billion years old.

    • the XDF reveals galaxies that span back 13.2 billion years in time

    So, .5 billion years, just unaccounted for (・・?

    The early universe was a time of dramatic birth for galaxies containing brilliant blue stars extraordinarily brighter than our sun.

    Yet 4,000 jobs will be lost in the industrial North. 4,000 people who aren’t your father, or brother, or otherwise denuded tree of life, stripped of industry by the forces at work at this particular time in this particular place, called Britain, a former great power, whose claim to fame in 2019 is all the fish and watery creatures (eels, loch Ness or Nessie, are filled with coke. Saturated in cocaine. High as Top Gun.

    (Free Willy followed Jaws, the Cuba Gooding, Jr. Ididerod movie was made after Old Yeller, White Fang, Benji and light years away from Benji: the Cold War Years and Benji: before the opioid crisis, and other tails…

    Mike McGyver arrested as a girl, for drug residue on his overlord plane.

    B-b-b-b-buh-buh-buh-benji and the Feds

    The light from those past events is just arriving at Earth now, and so the XDF is a “time tunnel into the distant past.”

    The youngest galaxy found in the XDF existed just 450 million years after the universe’s birth in the big bang.
    • The light from those past events is just arriving at Earth now, and so the XDF is a “time tunnel into the distant past.”
    • just 450 million years after the universe’s birth in the big bang, baby Galaxy was born in a morgue

    1-light is a slug;

    2-time tunnel?

    3-how distant past?

    Life = get addicted, go to detox tough love

    When I’m rushing on my run

    And I feel just like

    Jesus sun

    How is it this way we’ve become

    Gentleman fentanyl

    Bogieman grief

    Set-up just

    to set ‘er down

    Lie to disguise

    Gave the blues

    you choose

    HEROIN &



    Safehouse for the Muses,


    Humming along

    Bring a disruptor

    Take a micro dose

    of the American dream

    and check your notifications in the morning

    reality is nothing more than our dreams turned into banalities.

    Jamake Hightower, Primal Mind

    honky hanging

    Cracker Barron

    of munch house

    oh yeah

    He died

    Didn’t he


    Bunch of em showed up

    All two of Em

    Including nine multiple personalities

    Didn’t he allegedly burn up in a car

    A pacer in fact

    Completely in tact

    Larger than life

    King boy georgette

    Of long lines

    and razor blades

    Everything was escaping

    From what now is a

    vacant lot

    Lit up


    Held up high





    As long as there’s a


    He grinned

    Chimmm chin charooo

    So scary he was

    And the circus tents at

    State fairgrounds

    growing up right by

    the women’s state “farmand

    across the James


    straight coordinates

    down stream

    The men’s penitentiary

    My mother would drive through ” these aren’t the violent criminals” hills while my brother and I took that shortcut more than we should. And driving recklessly he was, always in that 74 dasher we drove into the ground between Henrico and the independent city of Charlottesville.

    Of the 41 independent U.S. cities,[1] 38 are in Virginia, whose state constitution makes them a special case. 


    you’ve invaded my brain go away


    Avert the Noise

    It’s not evergreen

    but unraveling

    Yet unrevealing


    without being


    Frame load





    everything with nothing

    You know,

    she said

    Today or every day

    The Traveling Twin

    The human brain is the final Frontier.

    The behavior collected by machinations now is bafflingly pervasive. It happened so fast, our collective heads: spinning.

    And yet, we are still, more or less, just spinning with our planet to create the existance of time.

    The control and the variable abide.

    The crap shoot.

    The root of back to square one.

    The inevitable, predicted demise, based solely on analysis of past situations which, by the very nature of their shared understanding, the collective consciousness of the planet in one second of this March day in the year two thousand and nineteen.



    Where was I?

    Oh yeah.

    Simultaneous time is better than stationary time, don’t you think? says Alice, the graduate student who reaked of spontaneous exchange of fluids, after hours at the lab where she gets extra credit.

    Alan considers then remands: as you know, Heather, time dilation is a difference in the elapsed time measured by two observers.

    As each is situated relative to a gravitational field, presumably pulling in proportionate measure.

    due to a velocity difference

    relative to each other.

    In relation to each other

    Bleeding over a person who can’t forgive. He astounds the relative space between them with hyperbole and hypocrisy, at a time when solidarity is all that matters.

    It exhausts her on an existential level.

    I want to be erased. I think. She hears inside her mind, during those times of deepest darkest memories, long ago relinquished but now cascading in under no pretense of co-existance this time around.

    It’s almost as if extinction were wired in.

    that is if the world survives til March 29th. If revisiting a thought when there are so many new ones will ever again come to pass.

    It’s all happening so fast, she said.

    I know, he said. Inertia is obsolete.

    Time is moving faster that’s all I know.

    Mar 29, 2019

    9:12 AM

    To sum up, the common practice (which also makes a lot of sense!) is to choose, within the set of configurations of the test that correspond to the null hypothesis, the one that gives you the highest probability of Type 1 error

    It’s mayhem on the cognitive dissonance front, ya’ll.

    You’re a dying breed, he says.

    To which she was supposed to bow or curtsy. Pliet or sashay, not sure, just do it quietly, don’t want to disturb the neighbors.


    Psuedo-Illuminati” have infiltrated major global banks, multinational companies, drug companies, global media, armament companies, the world market in hard drugs, the security services and institutions of governments.

    Conspire to Greatness

    Alaska Alan says, I have one question. Before chewing on his cud. Why haven’t they done us in already? Chomp to the beat of the song on Pandora diner music, as determined by your DNA sample swipe collected at solyent green terminals as you enter iHap.

    Hap for happiness is pancakes and unidentifable breakfast meat. i for everything is about me. So when you make it about you, I know it’s really about me. That’s how the matrix works these days. Not quite how Ursula Le Guin described and no thanks to Orwell and Ionesco.

    And yet, here we are. Wondering if T.S. Eliot was content as purported to be, due to female companion the story goes. Nietzsche not so much. Yeats, no. Keats, sort of, but Coleridge, with the fatal blow, takes everything you know before you go.


    a sleepless slumber

    that walking numbness acquired by

    individuals making up collective society

    We are no hive,

    no pride,

    no longer

    even part of any


    We are solo flights

    on the fringe of galaxies

    So huge

    someone’s forgotten

    us here.

    You’d think that’d be self-evident.

    Fair and just

    Sure, I’m sure, something’s amiss, a matter gone awry, we don’t really know how to respond, react, interpret or analyze, so we will revert to myths and religious doctrine to create a palatable narrative.

    For those who cannot accept the tenets of virtue, service and higher calling, who claim it’s servitude and pliability the lords and slave wage masters are after. And that occasional drive by where the ghetto girls have arrived like clockwork for thousands of years, where the poor are kept alive through an allure of alms, the romanticized version of the humble beggar, the hooker with a heart of gold, the junkie who doesn’t rip you off, but you still end up taking twenty out if your wallet.

    Just like sister Ray says…

    Alan P. Samuelson continued : And science certainly did nothing to help on THAT front.

    The preservation of the species one.

    What with spent rods buried in the desert of Nevada, irony intentional with Vegas burning holes in your pocket as atomic bomb tests, alien landings and nuclear “waste” stored in “spent rods” assuring the earth cannot survive without man to monitor his mess (China Syndrome came out before Love Canal).

    Atom the Antiquity

    She asked, first thing:

    Why is it that it’s only recently we’ve heard excessive use of the word cabal?

    Something to do with agenda 21, he says.

    Junior scoffs. He’s joined late, as usual.

    He is of the mindset that he doesn’t want “it” to be this way, so it isn’t.

    He reaffirms this with successive acts of genius, a penchant for profitability and possessing in excess of net worth to self worth ratio, projected and dejected returns to divestment because no one wants to give their money to a company that knowingly harms humans to turn a fast buck.

    That was the second biggest lie ever told.

    Wanna hear the first?

    It’s not that, that’s not a lie, but a philosophy. Philosophies, like faith, can be adapted to suit the geo-political temperament while mollifying any misappropriated misanthropization like Kafka, for God’s sake, or that awful as in disturbing downer Mother Courage. Don’t let the millennials #readBrecht

    The worst illiterate is the political illiterate. He hears nothing, sees nothing, takes no part in political life. He doesn’t seem to know that the cost of living, the price of beans, of flour, of rent, of medicines all depend on political decisions. He even prides himself on his political ignorance, sticks out his chest and says he hates politics. He doesn’t know, the imbecile, that from his political non-participation comes the prostitute, the abandoned child, the robber and, worst of all, corrupt officials, the lackeys of exploitative multinational corporations.

    exploitative multinational corporations and you

    I am constantly trying to communicate something incommunicable, to explain something inexplicable, to tell about something I only feel in my bones and which can only be experienced in those bones. Basically it is nothing other than this fear we have so often talked about, but fear spread to everything, fear of the greatest as of the smallest, fear, paralyzing fear of pronouncing a word, although this fear may not only be fear but also a longing for something greater than all that is fearful.


    Take note

    To make sense of anything

    One must figure it out.

    Millions of last moments

    It’s been a prevalent notion. Fallen sparks. Fragments of vessels broken at the Creation. And someday, somehow, before the end, a gathering back to home. A messenger from the Kingdom, arriving at the last moment. But I tell you there is no such message, no such home — only the millions of last moments . . . nothing more. Our history is an aggregate of last moments.

    (Thomas Pynchon, “Gravity’s Rainbow”)

    What you give away

    It occurred to me the other day that you might be lying about whether Ray Ray was a pathological liar.

    Aren’t all junkies?


    No. I was gonna say, everyone’s favorite junkie a premiere funky who gets sulky in his freewheeling scene -stealing calamide lotion staring down the street while you pop those friggled uptown

    home of the brave my ass I heard her say as you walked away

    But save that for another day

    Sing the song of truth

    No one knows your name

    Bring in

    calamity Jane

    Citizen Kane

    Nathaniel Zane


    Are you insane?

    Some people call me loco

    Mean Jean Feline

    Coke machine

    Powerful but


    with the “wrong”



    Unfortunately, placing too much attention on the details can spoil the spontaneity for the day.

    drifted into

    updating ongoing

    code trims

    Cypher leash

    Cryptic leech

    Forget about me

    The latest GEN-X VORTEX to be arranged

    Crater Hiawatha project 2

    I must focus on something.

    I am making progress

    but is it just a vacuum

    where weightless, yet

    rapidly aging

    what kind of traded on commodity

    . have I become

    Forgotten by many

    thought of by some


    as the complexity

    of this time has me reeling

    You can start to see why

    💀 [with all this evil in the world

    3ndured like a monk

    with no human contact for

    long enough transfixed


    As relegated worries

    become remiss

    a kingdom for a kiss

    Focus on anything

    Other than self-medicating


    They’ve sport hunted us



    creates a loss of energy and time

    for the other duties in our lives, and this might lead to other more important tasks or even vital projects being forgotten or avoided with abandon,

    Set an intention

    There’s a reason your yoga teacher asks you to set an intention for your practice that day. Whether you do it in your morning journal or before important activities, setting an intention can help you focus and remind you why you are doing something. If something gives you anxiety — like giving a big speech at work — set an intention for it.

    For example, you can set an intention to take care of your body before heading to the gym or to treat your body with kindness before eating.

    2. Do a guided meditation or mindfulness practice

    Meditation can be as easy as finding a sliver of space and opening an app. Apps and online programs are a great way to dip your toe into a practice without committing to an expensive class or taking up much time.

    There are countless free, guided meditations
    These meditation apps are a great place to start.


    a friend says he was likely tortured for information, a relative by marriage and an ex-senior aide to the crown prince.

    The small increase in the estimated size of the tax gap and small decrease in the voluntary compliance rate

    are largely attributable to improvements in the tax gap estimation methodology,

    and do not represent a significant change in underlying taxpayer behavior.

    The changes also reflect the overall decline in the nation’s tax revenues due to the severe recession during the time period covered by this study, as well as changes in the mix of income sources

    taxpayer behavior.lost in a sea of unfinished business, and left undone.



    Shadows hurt me


    The damage the “system” has done

    Cannot vs me

    Beck dogs

    Be in one undone

    lost in a sea of unfinished business, and left undone.

    lost in a sea of unfinished business, and left undone.

    Avoid getting swept into an unnecessary power struggle just because you must finish?

    lost in a sea of unfinished business, and left undone.

    symptomatic of

    emotional upheaval but

    a certain secret knowledge

    Lessen the pressure on the current circumstances by consciously choosing acceptance over fear.

    Overwhelming the girls

    To be falsely accused

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