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As if

Thinking thought it so. I snicker without the audible snear to no one in particular this time, at least. I remember it sticking that artificial intelligence required the exact opposite of human language to work. That is, human communication obfuscates, equivocates, metamorphicates as its highest form of virtuosity weighing the poet and the presidential worth […]

ErROR: cannot enforce uniqueness

Error. Constraints are rules. a limitatION  or restriction stiffness of manner and inhibition in relations between people MEANT TO control, damper, rein in by causing, enforcing, facilitating: inhibition, uneasiness, embarrassment a restraint restricts ensures limitation WHO DECIDED WHEN LIMITATION WOULD KICK IN? RESTRICT  LIMITATION  INHIBITION     uneasiness     EMBARRASSMENT   discomfort   FORBIDDEN Season 2, Episode3 znepokojení       THEY ALWAYS […]