Ideal Job

Creative position utilizing my unique skills and abilities which include but are not limited to: multi-tasking like a ______ (you fill in the blank); creative thinking and problem-solving; troubleshooter; fixer; collaborating with like-minded people; being able to take a project-idea to the next level.

Current CV

Katherine E. Walker
Producer-Director Writer
Reality/documentary/episodic television & features. Editorial, supervise all cuts through online & delivery.

Scriptwriting, copywriting, grant writing. Non-fiction business magazines; columnist; published poet.

Work History, 2000-Present

  • Consulting Producer, “Bar Rescue,” Spike

  • Producer, “Cal-Fire,” BBC Worldwide Reality/OWN

  • Producer, “American Hogger,”Pilot episode, A&E

  • Producer, “Super Saver Showdown,” OWN

  • Producer, “The Colony,” seasons 1-2, Discovery/Original Productions

  • Director, “South African Solar Challenge,” Documentary presentation, SHARP solar

  • Writer, “Anatomy of a Recovery,” one-hour documentary, Discovery-Asia

  • Executive Producer, “Model Latina,” Season 1, 13-episode series, SiTV  Show Runner – Supervised all creative elements for 13 EP series, directed all multi-cam set-ups, supervised post-production, online and all branding materials. Managed staff for series; developed and oversaw task – branding department, for product integration.

  • Executive Producer, “Backstage,” Pilot Episode, SiTV

    Co-Executive Producer, “WIDE AWAKE,” 6 webisode-series, Miggs Band/McDonald’s Corp.
    Supervising Producer, “Ghost Intervention,” 4-episode series, TLC/Pilgrim
    Supervising Producer, “Showdown on the Sand,” One-hour, Discovery 3-D
    Show Producer, “The Apprentice,” seasons 1-5, NBC /Mark Burnett
                 Nominated for two primetime Emmy awards. Field: 33 EPS; Post: 18 EPS

  • Producer, “Instant Beauty Pageant,” 4 one-hour episodes, Style Network

  • Story Producer, “The Restaurant,” 4 one-hour episodes, NBC/Mark Burnett

Associate Show Producer, “The Amazing Race,” CBS/WorldRace
Post-production, four episodes, winner of Emmy award for episode 311

Segment Producer, “Paradise Hotel,” FOX / Mentorn
Turned around episodes in 3 days, 2 shifts, team of editors.

Producer/Writer, “A Personal Story,” 8 half-hours, strip series for TLC/FGE
Producer/Writer, “2 for Las Vegas,” 14 half-hours, strip series for Travel Channel/FGE
Producer/Writer, “Fixing the Body,” One-hour documentary, Discovery/FGE
Producer/Writer, “The 200-Pound Tumor,” One-hour doc, Discovery Health

Production Staff, A.D. department [on set] 1996-2000
FEATURES: Castaway, Family Man, 15 Minutes, Gone in 60 Seconds, What Lies Beneath, Love & Basketball, Blue Streak, George of the Jungle, Six Days, Seven Nights, Mighty Joe Young & The Lost World. Responsible for lead talent on-set, including Nicolas Cage, Harrison Ford & Robert DeNiro.

SCRIPTED TV: Roswell, The X-Files, Cab to Canada, Extreme Duress, Beyond Belief & the COMMERCIAL, music videos the MTV Music Awards at Universal City. MOS segments.

University of Virginia, Bachelor of Arts, English/History, 1987 ; Vancouver Film School, Certificate, Filmmaking, 1995; University of Hawaii, Documentary Filmmaking, 1992; University of Hawaii, Television Broadcasting, 1991

Keep Your Chin Up

Delays are not denials- keep going, keep your vision clear. Perseverance does wonders.

Overcome Writers Block, Suggestions To Get You Writing Again. – StumbleUpon

Overcome Writers Block, Suggestions To Get You Writing Again. – StumbleUpon.

Passing Showers

“The bruises go away, and so does how you hate, and so does the feeling that everything you receive from life is something you have earned.”
— Jonathan Safran Foer (via beautyisanillusion)

What caught my eye here was the line “how you hate” because quite frankly “the bruises go away” makes me think of a battered wife, so I thought maybe we were going for that ride. Then, we jump light years ahead on the inter-galactic emotional roller coaster to find ourselves in gang land, forgetting how the Hatfield-McCoy feud even started, ignoring the clearly spelled out cautionary Montague v. Capulet tale at the peril of our star-crossed teenage sons and daughters, who will die for love, letting impulse and desperate conclusions lead the way. So how do you explain Iraq? Have the East-West grasping their Plato v Mohammad dogma as they walk out the door forgotten how the ‘hatred’ started?

But at the end, I think I understand the meaning, yet it is awkwardly conveyed; the lead in gerund guardian participle set up line which is that these things will eventually ‘go away’ (but never in the sense of complete erasure, they either just diminish in importance due to other crap coming up and taking their place or as the cliche goes, ‘time heals all wounds,’

So with all that in mind, the set up is these [bad things] go away, then it would follow that “the feeling that everything you receive from life is something you have earned” is also a ‘bad’ thing, like bruises and hatred. But that’s precisely what gives the pain some value, without feeling that you’ve earned your stripes by going through a hell you never imagined you could endure, much less with any quotient of grace. The idea that we ‘earn’ anything means we’ve worked for it–very different than the (implied) quality of ‘entitlement.’ Big difference. Pain and suffering do not entitle you to any sort of wisdom, pass Go! collect $ 200 (that you owe the bill collector anyway), do not entitle you to empathy, getting relief a nano-second sooner than the next schmuck. No, enduring the bruises, the mistreatment, the unspeakables do give you something you have ‘earned’ — earning infers working for what you gain. And if you gain anything at all from being bruised, battered, pissed off and downtrodden, it’s one of a few things — your soul comes back to you (instead of floating in the ether between Walmart and the abandoned lot it made, like all good Americans, consumer first, since Patriots drive the economy by consuming more than they  need and depleting resources at the fastest rate in the world–those people earn their comfort level by just existing, by saying they do the right things (or more likely telling us who does the wrong things and that’s why they haven’t ‘earned’ the easy life;

If you get good things in life, you have ‘earned’ them, according to zeitgeist gurus and the final world on all things self-improvement, Oprah and the Secret both say you deserve good stuff for thinking positive thoughts. But according to my twitter acquaintance, it does not work the same in reverse. You do not ‘earn’ the right to feel as though your hardship gave you anything — it is implied, however not confirmed, that we don’t ‘earn’ anything. We are given everything we need, good & bad from the being upstairs. We cannot claim to earn anything, according to this mantra.





Fingers and Toes

There is no arguing ‘de facto,’ it just is. It came up either as my word of the day (I always take that personally, figuring the clues are for me, especially) or I heard it in my head and thought, oh that might be a good way to describe what was going on in front of me. But now that I have gone to the trusted source of Wiki-ness (should we? I mean has anyone checked their credentials? or is it just that it’s more expedient than figuring out what happened to Encyclopedia Brittanica), I realize that there is good and bad defacto. I’m all for custom, tradition and paying respect. The source root that makes the most sense is, of course, Latin which translates to ‘in practice.’ That could just be the root of all our daily even. In theory, one way, on fantasy, one alternate universe where time is just around you. In practice, time and reality are with you at all times, just waiting for orders to put you in the straightjacket.
I have been having crazy dreams about fire fighting as a way to make a living (since i’m hanging out with them making a tv show) and now when I doze off (I’m sleep deprived from a 72-hour shift), I forget where I am (at home) and am in a much bigger room, dealing with first responder issues, managing a ‘rave,’ moving around in smokey rooms and flame-used grassy knolls.
Having been’embedded’ in a busy station for the past 3 days had one complication: swollen hands and feet. Now it’s somewhat of an overall loss of consciousness that comes and goes as I doze off and start talking part fire-speak part-make-me-a-television show voice. It’s disconcerting. I wake up in my chair (I still owe my ‘homework’==the daily hot sheet that goes to the network to get them excited about the show and keep track of the ever-evolving storylines, that are the genius of the overall genre of ‘reality’ tv whether ‘docu-soap’ aka over-produced, awkwardly moved, and generally superficial Bravo stock, housewives uses to watch “Days of Our Lives’ now they live it, well, sort of); I WAKE UP IN MY CHAIR FROM DOZING OFF WHICH has today, more often than not, lead to the zone of semi-consciousness, soft-edge hallucinatory experiences. Today I was talking in two voices (playing the role of…; and the role of ______ playing me).

Then, as ‘luck’ would have it or what “The Celestine Prophecy” would call ‘coincidence’ (which always seems like a lot of work to me), and I’m not even sure how ‘de facto’ came to my search engine (that’s near Descartes’ disproven spleen — Pascal? I think it was a Jean-Gautier P… who wrote about the spleen having been thought to be the soul, and therefore, where it ended up was of utmost importance. An obsolete organ. That, in of itself, should tell us that constant modifications don’t mean removing all that came before.
The state of things, ‘convergence,’ the times when space confers not to be unpleasant, unsettling or off-putting (which on some days can run over 75% of your waking/a.k.a. ‘exposure’ hours), when you can actually breathe and notice what you came here for, feel good about it for 5 seconds (or less–I’ll take 4 minutes 11 seconds and 4 Frames, please; with regular milk).
So the convergence has been happening a lot lately and I ‘m not sure if that’s because I’m more relaxedm
And just found out that Mike, the coolest guy at the semi-orgy party down the road from me in the Houselots, could do the dance to SNF (that’s Saturday Night Fever) perfectly! With a lot of flare! I hung out with him in the back room of a party where the front room was in the frosty glow of a 9th grade make-up party but with a nasty vibe. I was invited by someone who wasn’t invited. So I hung out with the guy with the guitar in the back. That’s convergence. We just heard ‘his’ song.
That would not necessarily be a good lead into ‘de facto,’ where this whole amble started — the thought of how my body has been effected by the fire heat and gear you have to wear to withstand extreme temperatures; and how that is all part and parcel of being unprepared for the situation (something I don’t like, but also something I am accustomed to — being dropped in and hoping for the best). Having a lack of ‘de facto” — CITING OUR SOURE :a voluntary standard that is also a de facto standard is a typical solution to a coordination problem. ALL WE’VE REALLY NEEDED FROM A PRODUCTION STANDPOINT IS STATED THERE. That vacuum has created a vortex and now my muscles are so stiff, I can barely stand up without warning. My feet aren’t as swollen as a 30-hour plane ride (nor should they be) but my hands were swollen up thru this morning The stress of the student film-styled trickle-down management by chaos has created, “swollen fingers and toes.” I know I need to put my feet up, but first I have to finish the hot sheet. I have been setting up the next shoot, as I always think the shoot that is going on (next) is the one that requires the most immediate attention (it’s like triage); yesterday’s gone. She goes back in her little can and has about 7 working days to get her act in shape–2 days to ingest, 2 days to organize and last day of week 1 an overarching timeline created. Week two, produce a day ahead of winey, needy editors, or collaborate on beats with the kinds of editors who play well with others.
De facto. Mutual gain for those involved. In practice, lemming laws, the system that is in charge (because it works best or because people have given up? We’ll never know, really. Not today anyway.) In conclusion, I’m not really sure what ‘de facto’ really means — the term “de facto standard” is used for both: to contrast obligatory standards (also known as “de jure standards”); or to express a dominant standard, when there is more than one proposed standard for the same use.
That about sums it up — ‘used for both [voluntary or obligatory] technical standards’ means DE FACTO is officially non-committal. But also wants to please everyone (de facto must have been a 50s housewife):
The choice of a de facto standard is the better choice for situations in which all parties can realize mutual gains, but only by making mutually consistent decisions.
So now I am utterly confused. De facto was something I thought was done because it was always done that way (‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ syndrome) with a little does of ‘do it this way because the old timers say so.’ But now I realize there is this mutually consistent action thing that requires more attention, but not while I am dozing off at the laptop, dreading my emails and the finalizing of the tv show report of the days’ event. I just want to close my eyes and stay asleep for probably 12 hours, but doubt that is de facto.

A de facto standard is a custom, convention, product, or system that has achieved a dominant position by public acceptance or market forces (such as early entrance to the market). De facto is a Latin phrase meaning “concerning the fact” or “in practice”.

Technical standards are usually voluntary, like ISO 9000 requirements, but may be obligatory, enforced by government norms, like drinking water quality requirements. The term “de facto standard” is used for both: to contrast obligatory standards (also known as “de jure standards”); or to express a dominant standard, when there is more than one proposed standard for the same use.

In social sciences, a voluntary standard that is also a de facto standard is a typical solution to a coordination problem.[1] The choice of a de facto standard is the better choice for situations in which all parties can realize mutual gains, but only by making mutually consistent decisions. In contrast, a enforced “de jure standard” is a solution to the prisoner’s problem.[1]

De Facto standard from Wikipedia

Camille Seaman Photography – The Last Iceberg, The Last Iceberg Series II , Dark Ice, A Penguin’s Life, This Other World, The Big Cloud

Camille Seaman Photography – The Last Iceberg, The Last Iceberg Series II , Dark Ice, A Penguin’s Life, This Other World, The Big Cloud.