Last Wednesday in March

March 29th, a Wednesday, idol march, marching tides of woe spread across the land and so..   With all that I have been through lately, not more than some, less than others, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst pain you have experienced, I guess being unconscious technically gives you [...]

Number 35

Like clockwork, she began the process. Disciplines > Storytelling > Plots   In the ground  My mother is no fish  She mused as she vomited Bad curry into a  Ten gallon bucket  That swirled down into  The tar pits of hell  🖕🏽🤘🏼🖖🏼 Polti's Situations > Recovery of a lost one          Recovery [...]

`The statistic

-it was harder and harder to not succumb to the depressing realization that she was reduced to an inaccurate amalgamation of prejudices and generations of resentment cultivated with spite. Incalculable doom for told her fate. #positive


It was a secret Kim Ung-Yong " Korea 200 Leonardo da Vinci Universal Genius Italy 220 Lord Byron Poet & writer England 180 Ludwig van Beethoven Composer Germany 165infamous quotient scene 1: exit end scene: enters stage left

Sum of sun

Something anything but relentless sun burning new scars, from graffiti melting to backwards walker catchy tune to male you realize ten to fourteen days are at stake    We strive to be remembered,our joys raise us to the state of consciousness most coveted by this race to be humanoid, and devoid of painful emotions. The [...]

If it’s Tuesday, this must be bedlam 

gud Dont axe me Acrosst the aisle A valaise for your malaise Malaria Jones reporting live from Oliver Stone The cock of gibralter The dame of dunedin I make quirks seem like quarks Die nine lives From bleach inhalation  While battling parasites Planted in my brain and  Spinal column  Cut the cord 

come as you were 

let's wait and see about the "are" you can call me zelda deserved jazz or tricky not black keyes kings of leon ugh  can we just get a comprehensive list of sell-outs already? Current project -"What I Didn't Know"  Non-fiction "How a President Gets Made" [alternate: The Apprentice Effect or Making a President] Patrons invited [...]