Objectives of an Objectified Subjecting

You've known you were object and subject your entire life. How you meld those is your scar tissue, reaction time, survival rate. They've got statistics and probabilities for things like that. Charts, graphs & data as nauseum on you from head to toe, except the things that are important. The things that matter. The advertising [...]

Run the voodoo down

You end up on the other side of what might be considered dodgy, cagey or downright oblique But like a character made by Stephen King, you prevail, dragging your sorry ass past the doom, and the gloom, not checking facebook, only using it for logins, you're free God dammit who the fuck just cut you [...]

Out with the g-damn old already

It's the eve of a new year, two thousand and eighteen years after the death of Christ, one of a trilogy visiting us in triage, a place we seem to be fast approaching, as we speak. Other than Hawaii, and Samoa, we are last to know the next year. I'm in some kind of hell, [...]

The Specialists

Formerly Opportunists, the non-specialists must explore. Never stop looking over their shoulders. Is that any way to live? I am never completely at ease, and it only seems to be getting worse-largely because I don't know what to do, I have too much trauma/negative experience over last two years in particular and twelve years struggling [...]

Tuesday’s mourning

The bare leaves the heat upending fires melting down our lives to ash waiting to recover our DNA who knew the dream of trailer park retirement was fraught with danger, a cloak of complacency covering the forests down the five until we were forced to cry Yes, any faith in 'California dreamin' has finally died [...]

Closure of Sutures

that question presupposes an interactionist account of mind-body relations