Amnesia’s Amplified angst

The visage remains unrevealed For i am scared  dissociative disorders Dissociative amnesia—characterized by severe impairment in remembering important information about one’s self. This is perhaps the most common of the dissociative disorders and—like all other dissociative illnesses—is associated with traumatic events. This amnesia can be limited to specific details or events but can also encompass… Read More Amnesia’s Amplified angst

“I can pinpoint the exact moment when I woke up ‘broken.’

“I could no longer cope, couldn’t pull myself together…” Read more: To be broken so late in life when things were supposed to get easier, figured out, more predictable perhaps, but not this. Anything but this… Jun 22, 2017 2:59 AM I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t think. I had panic attacks. I developed anxiety… Read More “I can pinpoint the exact moment when I woke up ‘broken.’

For my Fathers

You don’t get to choose  when your father leaves you or what will be the last words  you hear  You got something to read on the plane? he hollered down the sterile corridor  wearing his favorite Jeremiah Johnson hat,  As I walked away from Cleveland  omce more.