Closure of Sutures

that question presupposes an interactionist account of mind-body relations

The Masters of War had Ventriloquists

It wasn't even winter yet, as autumn held her ground. Weaker men were torn asunder as angels prevailed where blind men feared to speak. You could not fess up nor deny, those wild werewolf times  Where wolvens roamed the crest like crazy heathcliff Heather of Moorland Farms befriended the mysterious Maxine. Who wore clogs. A … Continue reading The Masters of War had Ventriloquists


I looked up to see the fires burning coming down the hill facing my father seated at his bay window looking out over the life he built, a life he gave his children, the future of our children, an American Dream bought of Italian immigrants to carrying the great Italian grapes to the fertile fecund … Continue reading Wildfires 

HEroic Poetry 

She awoke to the beam of a man

Rings a bell

that rings a bell But then the bell never went off Shed forget  Back TO being a stranger  Recluse  Agorophobic station wagon collapse  off the ever-resolate I-05 We all gotta go sometime. That hardly provided any comfort, like an expiration date, what exactly is it preventing? Equally maleficent, the warning label, the disclaimer, the we might … Continue reading Rings a bell

Ode to the 21 year old always bumming smokes 

You can't wait Til you're the only one talking Yet you've got nothing to say Because you have yet to really live  Go In silence  And listen to the world Seek your own truth You will need to know it  in the times ahead 

There is nothing like failure 

to keep reminding you of the lateral disappointment  of the many in-between Entanglements   Just in case  Oh why not How could you? Who am I? Who do I act like I am, who do I think I am? Who knows. I don't generally think about that. I think about all the things I could … Continue reading There is nothing like failure