Falco Perigrinus

The pilgrim falcon A bird of pray Their nests, a pilgrimage to the sanctity of life These birds your father bore These flights of fancy Toned down geomancy A restless native nature Barely captured In the shutter stop Smash of metal snapped to Metal The film spool glides /another butterfly / Nothing is the same... Continue Reading →

I was once

I was leadership material  Author James C. Humes wrote, "The art of communication is the language of leadership." But now, I'm not so sure  Ensuring my safety  Now takes precedent  And the frivolous nature of patented joy like some self-help  lone wolf  making mainstay  promises  The koan  on loan Crib Buddha  Now nothing much matters... Continue Reading →

Difficult confessions because they are to nobody

Nothing but the ether https://ingage.scrollmotion.com/I4jRW7b/?dt=2017-05-14-03-36-39

“stigmatizing the child with charges of lying, manipulating or imagining from parents, courts and clinician…”

Read more: https://www.scribd.com/book/224612169 A life lost-a handmaid's tale of invisible use of skin, stripped identity and lack of progenitors to inflict cosmic loneliness. Combine that with a decisively human bent, emotional empathy, intellectual apprehension of a wide range of subjects punishable by death, of late. What if your whole life were simply a lie? Invisible... Continue Reading →

Apparent Nonsense

She was a crypter of code, postmodern grifter, pro sifter of functions, crisscrossing backs of travelling souls. The ghosts spoke in ancient languages long since gone and now only the cryptozoologists were translating trans-species.  Navajo code breaker chants of Kahunas  Breaks backs as it distracts  Enables detracts Here we are 

Beirut 1971

Treated with increasing suspicion, distrust and hostility by their fellow citizens as a result of the deadly shooting, Western Muslims would soon be forced to “either apostatize … or they [migrate] to the Islamic State, and thereby escape persecution from the crusader governments and citizens,” the group stated, while threatening of more attacks to come.... Continue Reading →

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