The Synthezoid Hero 

The Mind Stone The Scarlet Witch and Vision share a deeper connection that than most.  Scarlet's supernatural powers were given to her as an enhancement from the Mind Stone, something invisible to the human eye except shamans and  THE touched. which HYDRA used to her advantage   conducting nefarious scientific experiments  on vision Mary's  now dead brother [...]

Here, the winds pick up 

And the back of your neck  resides  in the chill  moving east across  canyons  the beauty  faintly passing  I fall in love  each time  the same notes a falling over  and then  into  How upon us To reflect  No regrets The Piano waits As the horn lilts away  Just out of reach  Your ships leaving [...]

The Masters of War had Ventriloquists

It wasn't even winter yet, as autumn held her ground. Weaker men were torn asunder as angels prevailed where blind men feared to speak. You could not fess up nor deny, those wild werewolf times  Where wolvens roamed the crest like crazy heathcliff Heather of Moorland Farms befriended the mysterious Maxine. Who wore clogs. A [...]

Today in history 

I wake up thinking I miss those days as the now-wild parrots make their flight across the Pasadena sky. Then, with faint tv news in background, I think of the news those good old days held and how just like me, my parents went through the day with a great deal of anxiety. Now, to [...]


I looked up to see the fires burning coming down the hill facing my father seated at his bay window looking out over the life he built, a life he gave his children, the future of our children, an American Dream bought of Italian immigrants to carrying the great Italian grapes to the fertile fecund [...]


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