What you give away

my mom, she vacuumed everyday. Danchi- I don’t even think she had one…


Unfortunately, placing too much attention on the details can spoil the spontaneity for the day. drifted into updating ongoing code trims Cypher leash Cryptic leech Forget about me The latest GEN-X VORTEX to be arranged Crater Hiawatha project 2 I must focus on something. I am making progress but is it just a vacuum where […]

Objective of Objectified Subjecting

You’ve known you were object and subject your entire life. How you meld those two polar opposites becomes the scar tissue, burrows of reaction time, a spiraling survival rate- Your affliction, Dissociation. They’ve got statistics and probabilities for things like that. Charts, graphs & data ad nauseum, tested and evaluated, substantial wariness. The things that […]