May Day

It’s 7:02 pm on the 31st of May, in the year twenty-twenty.

The helicopters whir above. We just witnessed six cops shove their guns in a junkie’s face, push down another clearly not among those able to loot and run but the remaining survivors of the streets the cops make killing fields.

Long Beach. They will not disperse. Long Beach has been mostly peaceful other than Hot Topic and T-mobile which got looted. There are protesters who come from out of town. There are clearly people who are flaunting a sense of criminal element. That is not what this is about.

A cop chose to press his knee for eight minutes into an unarmed handcuffed and not even guilty of the crime for which he was apprehended man’s neck until he was unconscious. And died in police custody. Those other cops around this murderer could’ve surely tackled him and removed his knee. COME ON MIKE THAT’S ENOUGH YOU ARE USING EXCESSIVE FORCE HE IS NOT A THREAT but no, they instead witnessed and did nothing.

We have come to the point where whitey world SantaMonica is making arrests after their 4 pm curfew because Americans in shackles is the aim of police around the country.

They don’t get it and will never get it. 98% of police are bullies and possess zero emotional intelligence. Okay maybe 96%.

They will spin this – to protect life and PROPERTY – says top official. Emphasis on property.

So covid nineteen closed us down now about to reopen June 1st looting and destruction have destroyed local businesses the news is telling us not to call nine one one of course.

People are sick of cops. My life was destroyed by them. That cop with his knee on the neck of another black man deserves to be responsible for this further misery. How’s he doing tonight? Evil Police

far-right and far-left groups are helping fuel the violent and damaging confrontations that have marred protests across the country in recent days

Chauvin may have decided to kneel on Floyd’s neck and ignored his pleas to breathe but prosecutors may not have believed those actions meant that he had any intention to kill.

CNN bullshit

When Chauvin decided to kneel on Floyd’s neck and ignored his pleas to breathe, those actions meant that he had the ability to kill. He would have known this as a police officer. He therefore in eight minutes could have grown the intention to kill. Prosecutors are scumbags who want you to think they’re on the side of the people. They had to charge him with something but make no mistake that they too are responsible for these riots that further harm everyone of us except the cops in their riot gear and political power grab elites behind walls, gates, tear gas.

This is all because our cops are out of control.

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