Closure of Sutures

Good friends, good books, and a sleepy


of last things

As the women come and go

asthma inhalers and michelob

all she ever thinks about

  1. Toll, Kay’s jewelry

Cross legged

Town traffic

Oora onorous

Supernatural opera

Ville County Centrifuge


cuts off



to mainstream audiences,

severely restricting


Jones’s abilities

as Centrifuge

for alternative versions

of ambidextrously orchestrated


filled weekend getaway for hipster Swedish fish pocket protector bifurcated beast / you can tell because they say we are hundreds we have baseball bats we desecrate the grounds of Thomas Jefferson’s one defensible achievement

after all

Of course no one was teaching the truth

Tracking the moves from Berkeley to Berkowitz’s meaningless form of terror

The one that produced Roy Cohn closeted dying of AIDS stealing the AZT for himself, staunchly loyal to the man who killed him – but that’s nothing new.

1001 Arabian Nights where a naive but brazen bluffer takes on a psychopath ox in control of the biggest con of all time. Mecca.

nanu nanu nanotechnological pariah

they said 2018 a different way every day

All she ever thinks about

fairy tales

Micah foils Fool’s gold

like a mirage to heroine Scherezade

Nanochryssalis, Sisyphus,


Much apocalyptic fiction does not deal with the “end of time” but rather with the end of a certain period, the end of life as it is now, and the beginning of a new period.
  1. No frozen meal boot camps
  2. Clinical study clinically studied
  3. Kill me now
  4. Metaphorically speaking (how annoying can you be?)
  5. Mephistopheles is here, hon!

Advent calendar Wednesday before Thanksgiving, formerly celebrating the Harvest, now just another Clusterfuck of Contradictions.

Somewhere between the Seventh Seal and Life in Hell (Simpsons precursor), Coen Brothers & The Bell Jar, Cheever’s morning and Chong for Congress.

May you find your path to do your part to send us forth into humanity’s finest hour. Namaste, Art of War, Golden Rule.

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