the world damages

I had been withdrawing into a retreat of numbness: it is so much safer not to feel, not to let the world touch one.

-Sylvia Plath

I will never feel joy again. Seeing your light so senselessly destroyed has broken my heart for the very last time. How can you love so much what the world so carelessly crushes? As a matter of course, the destructive, nefarious, self-obsessed among us always kill the good, the pure, the beautiful.

What is there to live for in a world that defames such love?

Note: my beautiful puppy was killed by a hit and run USC brat on Friday who I had to stop from running over my dear Koji again and again. A senseless killing that he ran from. An evil man, if you ask me. A stupid spoiled kid in an SUV who didn’t have the common decency to even stop as he killed my beautiful puppy.

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