Hypothesis of relationship

Present Hedonism is defined by Zimbardo’s time perspective theory and assessed by Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory. Developmental data on Present Hedonism of males and females in the Czech population sample (N=2201) are also presented.

Present Hedonism

as opposed to past Hedonism

is much more restrained

could even be considered


Still there was nothing to indicate her time space continnuum could ever be reconciled with the “reality” around her.

The “manic depressive” is cursed with a bearish cycle of inspired mania when he invents foam rubber but forgets to register the patent that lasts three months followed by a depressive state, the first time a punishing fall from grace for that first spark of celestial insight, clarity of vision shared by the guru, shaman, kahuna, and “spiritual advisors,” alike.

The depression cycle lasts three times longer, no explanation, just accepted.

Those three times three sections to counteract the three times one seems completely unfair.

The book continues to argue that this descent into psychosis is both inevitable and immutable for those “unfortunate enough” to be in that percentile of “the population.”

Stop the anger the postcard, regaling the effects of location, said, in a not particularly unfamiliar voice. Not quite chiding, but not all that empathetic either. Like everyone you encounter in a day. They can’t quite encourage you as their generic genetic predisposition is to want to kill you.

You, on the other hand, profess to be interested in the teachings of Gandhi (while reading Malcolm X), teach peace & generally feel the pain of others. It’s the specific parts that trouble the mind. The specificity of the person’s experience all gets a bit messy after all.

•present hedonism

And Hedonism Just walks out

On display

In presentation mode

For now

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