The Synthezoid Hero 

The Mind Stone

The Scarlet Witch and Vision share a deeper connection that than most. 

Scarlet’s supernatural powers were given to her as an enhancement from the Mind Stone, something invisible to the human eye except shamans and 

THE touched.

Make championship games in village

Emergency contact: whoever's there
Mall art malt balls

which HYDRA used to her advantage 
 conducting nefarious scientific experiments 

on vision Mary’s  now dead brother and the  childhood memories barricaded  inside a tinder box by stove where angry   


Schemed and lied about  cons lotion 

The same stone, embedded in The Vision’s forehead, helped bring the synthezoid hero to life.

This is chaos I heard my synapses say 

Vision is Targeted

This gem is also a key piece of the Infinity Gauntlet, which galactic death-dealer Thanos will need if he is going to gain power over all space and time. Securing it means the end of Vision … and she knows it.

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