The Unraveling Ball of Yarn

She was once again denying her own responses to enable a comfortable relationship.

Chilean poet
Pablo Neruda
Less kmsk
More miscreants
of Grass
Thumbnail leaves
Her virtue had plummeted. Now seeing a two on a scale of one to ten, dipped with rumors she had slept around 

Because of their attitudes, I was once again denying my own responses to enable a comfortable relationship…

I was once again denying my own self care 

Because it was familiar 

 to enable a  relationship inability to  care  my basic wellbeing 

Change the input he said 

And she knew she loved him 

Just as 

That first 


Popped into her head 

As the crazy farmer 

Chided the contracted grief stricken 

Grower in seer sucker suits 

She thought 

I’ll marry you 

Because of their attitudes, expectations, and inability to sincerely care about my needs and feelings, 

Confessing the Fiery Highway

  • The override tithe ride

Excerpts started hitting

  • I now seem to binge study, subjects that feel, at times, unrelated, like a chaos theory of exisistential angst.

I used to consume books.

Now, listening to Central America on things they don’t want you to know

in El Salvador 90% of deaths caused by US….

That place way down below Mexico…

—Ronald Reagan

Binge curiosity
  1. I’ll research cryptocurrency for 6 hours no breaks,
  2. Analyze 432 pages of legal briefs on civil code,
  3. Labyrinthine links reading to more links
  4. brought to America but set to expire
  1. fact check everything
  1. I’ll take the heat…

  2. from the pitchfork contingency who are now hearing the name Mercer puppet strings, luxury townhouse money laundering & those places he promised to save…well…
  3. I like a certain amount of heat but my whole life has been heat.

  4. Heat for being embarrassingly wrong, believing delusions that could kill us;
  1. Reaping the unique benefits of our “justice” system, a system of lies and more lies covered by the excessive words of lawyers in love with lying;
  2. Ruining lives one certiori at a time

granting Tharpe’s petition for certiorari, the court said that it disagreed with the Eleventh CIrcuit Court of Appeals’ conclusion that Tharpe had “failed to demonstrate that Barney Gattie’s behavior ‘had substantial and injurious effect or influence in