I wasn’t young

I wasn’t equipped for this

she wrote

but how would man put it? who knows? best get drunk!?

my brain says to no one in particular

And yet, I wouldn’t say I’m persisting, to borrow a slogan made hashtag made hollow because what is that supposed to mean anyway?

She persisted at a futile venture because she was a stubborn gal or a complete moron. She persisted only to find there’s no prize at the end for persisting. Perhaps the most irksome is persisted against what? Being a second class citizen? Nothing new there. Being held down and kept back? Again, our grandmothers and their grandmothers endured this. We persist through the same old same old bullshit?

No, I don’t want to persist for the sake of persisting.

But to conquer, to vanquish, to re-make into better

The voice says egging on the most relentless hopes and dreams that the world could be anything other than what it is right now.

She thrived. She hired people and paid them well. They created something people needed and could use to make their lives better without destroying their habitat aka earth. She made something that sustained people and gave them the ability to improve their lives and the lives of others.

And they said that it was good

The voice has a vicious wit.

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