Amnesia’s Amplified angst

The visage remains unrevealed

For i am scared 

dissociative disorders

Conflicted confusion

Dissociative amnesia—characterized

by severe impairment in remembering important information about one’s self. This is perhaps the most common of the dissociative disorders and—like all other dissociative illnesses—is associated with traumatic events. This amnesia can be limited to specific details or events but can also encompass entire aspects of a person’s life.

Dissociative fugue—a massive disorientation of self that leads to confusion about one’s personal identity and potentially the assumption of a new identity

Depersonalization disorder—marked by recurrent feelings of detachment or distance from one’s own experiences and can be associated with the experience that the world is unreal. While many people experience these sensations at one point in their lives, an individual with depersonalization disorder has this experience so frequently or severely that it interrupts his or her functioning.

Dissociative identify disorder (DID)—previously called multiple personality disorder, DID is the most famous and controversial of the dissociative disorders. This is characterized by having multiple “alters” (personal identities) that control an individual’s behavior and actions at different times.

Oh that yoi would listen

Oh that you could hear 

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