The conundrum

…his strange psychological need to verbally abuse women in physical terms.
The Whores of Media
Well, first off, it’s not THAT STRANGE, it’s pretty common. I had a teamster harass me every day telling me I needed breast implants. I have been verbally abused on most job sites in the entertainment industry, the worst of course being The Apprentice. Now, the man doing the verbal abusing was not who you think. In fact, that man was respectful and asked my opinion. But my direct supervisor was abusive, threatened to fire me (and anyone else he felt made some sort of mistake that he couldn’t figure out how to fix) so many times, it became a joke. The ‘physical’ terms took a twisted turn when he and a roomful of men ostracized me for leaving my underwear in the room where I had lived while shooting for 2 and 1/2 months. IT was a bathing suit, by the way, but it was actually illegal what he did, and he only had men in the room no women, which was interesting because this was a man who made sure there were women on set whenever a female cast member was being mic’d but never considered the inappropriate sexualization of my forgotten bathing suit ‘bottoms’ as some sort of PUBLIC humiliation with three other men present. TO SHAME ME.
My point is our President is no different than a disturbing majority of men in our current culture of chaos. The same guy who touts feminist slogans is most likely vile to the women who don’t fit his image of the ideal woman. Happens all the time. Our insecure, unqualified and belligerent commander in thief is no different.
What I am saying is: IT’S ACTUALLY NOT “STRANGE” at all. Strange implies that it is rare or somehow against the zeitgeist of our culture. I am saying it’s actually the standard operating procedure in our sadly degrading country from Uber to the White is Right House. Men have needed to psychologically and verbally abuse women for as long as women have existed. Physical or intellectual terms. Physical is the most common because most women are not perfect ’10s.’ Most men end up balding with guts but we women, well we must keep it together. We do this to ourselves through our addiction to invasive surgery, cattiness and competition. Women can be real jerks. They make other women feel insecure. Especially the ones getting admiration from men, usually for the size of their breasts. Those women seem to think their implants are genetic and they are superior to you because all the men salivate when they pass.
So, while I have no use for this buffoon I once ‘defended’ in a reasonable manner (because the AP reporter clearly had an agenda, misquoted me and in the end, was a total schmuck for how much of my time she took and then chose not to represent a damn thing I said in the correct light, that made me see that the ‘media’ issue is an issue and most people are so unprofessional now, no one actually knows what journalistic integrity is), I do have a ‘problem’ with his crash and white trash mouth not because it’s ‘unpresidential’ whatever that means — blow jobs in the oval office, blatant affair with Marilyn Monroe, screwing over the country for years to come, those are all presidential acts we’ve seen — but because he is ‘intellectually and emotionally” incapable of leading this once great country. I know this now, I knew this months ago.
But it’s the use of the word ‘strange’ by the National Review that I find misleading and ignorant. Really? Just him? Um, no. Here’s a list of all the men who do this who have been my boss. Oh wait, I need a second piece of paper.


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