1969 stone free

  1. Never trust an expert 

The poker player learns that sometimes both science and common sense are wrong; that the bumblebee can fly; that, perhaps, one should never trust an expert; that there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of by those with an academic bent.

-David Mamet 8.

    Stone free article

    1.  Analytical top_% – had not reached potential 

    I would not steal from your win, she said. He wasn’t glistening now it was Sweat, on furloughEd brow. (Please note the typos are being allowed to stay and create their own auto correct ulysses with nonsensical words and logic we  reared so how good can that Be?
    This starts my science fiction. 

    Ajax analytical Measure of the luxuries, let guards collect fee for graft 

    Necessary evils outweigh the goods of progress. 

    while we all fall down

    The country is in shambles and it feels a little like I’m gonna get while the  going’s good 
    3z the spin 



    She bluffed 


    Brushes the dust from her seamazon

    Got it together again 


    Just like the good ole days 

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