Falco Perigrinus

The pilgrim falcon
A bird of pray

Their nests, a pilgrimage
to the sanctity of life

These birds your father bore
These flights of fancy
Toned down geomancy
A restless native nature
Barely captured
In the shutter stop
Smash of metal snapped to
The film spool glides
/another butterfly /

Nothing is the same
Nothing changes
How could you have prepared my child’s soul for that eventuality?
/there is no way /
*and yet you tried *

In your own flawed way
to show me a world
no one else could see
And this is why
We are still standing
in the desert cold
San Gabriel
The frontier spirit
brings hypothermia
the birds are all a flutter
As they wind down song 

for an hour
or two noir 
Before the belting out of Broadway musical show boat tunes begins
With nightingales 

torrents of warblers skimming night

 blooming jasmine 

filling all air with reverie
A symphony of life
the hummingbird
buzzes cigarette smoke

And that was

Just the beginning


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