“stigmatizing the child with charges of lying, manipulating or imagining from parents, courts and clinician…”

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A life lost-a handmaid’s tale of invisible use of skin, stripped identity and lack of progenitors to inflict cosmic loneliness.

Combine that with a decisively human bent, emotional empathy, intellectual apprehension of a wide range of subjects punishable by death, of late.

What if your whole life were simply a lie? Invisible to all once you were no longer
Presenting in the skin
That is used to define
your being
politicized, sexualized, etherized upon the table

This is what I have tried to overcome for close to 30 years

-and here
we are
I am nobody
Are you no one too.

Incestuous abuse in particular leaves survivors with deep psychological conflicts that are difficult to resolve. The effects on identity, self-esteem, personality, behavior, health, relationships and happiness are extensive.

-Kimberly Callis, Childhood Trauma and Complex PTSD

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