We’re Just a Minor Threat 

🌿My mentor would recognize where I need to focus my tremendous talent!🌴
My Mentor: Wanted

M. C. Escher 

Falco Perigrinus

The pilgrim falcon
A bird of pray

Their nests, a pilgrimage
to the sanctity of life

These birds your father bore
These flights of fancy
Toned down geomancy
A restless native nature
Barely captured
In the shutter stop
Smash of metal snapped to
The film spool glides
/another butterfly /

Nothing is the same
Nothing changes
How could you have prepared my child’s soul for that eventuality?
/there is no way /
*and yet you tried *

In your own flawed way
to show me a world
no one else could see
And this is why
We are still standing
in the desert cold
San Gabriel
The frontier spirit
brings hypothermia
the birds are all a flutter
As they wind down song 

for an hour
or two noir 
Before the belting out of Broadway musical show boat tunes begins
With nightingales 

torrents of warblers skimming night

 blooming jasmine 

filling all air with reverie
A symphony of life
the hummingbird
buzzes cigarette smoke

And that was

Just the beginning


I was once

I was leadership material 

Author James C. Humes wrote, “The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

But now, I’m not so sure 

Ensuring my safety 

Now takes precedent 

And the frivolous nature

of patented joy

like some self-help 

lone wolf 

making mainstay 


The koan 

on loan

Crib Buddha 

Now nothing much matters box of retribution letters and life’s rich tragedy 

A comedy of errors

Laugh cry 


Difficult confessions because they are to nobody

Nothing but the ether


HEroic Poetry 

Acetaminophen screaming for attention

Off the shelf
   She was
straight out of biologically 


with self-styrofoaming



Eva, The blow up woman 

      by There’s Something about Earnest 
She was always a delight 

My good man,

Said Arthur of 

delta (phi) dawn 

    the blow up 


who inadvertently got passed around 

like nobody’s business  

From the shores of kitschy koombaya 

to the morning after pill from Ralph’s 

          EVA bore. The emblem.

(lettered monogram to look like E-R-A )

“equal rights ass!” emblazoned across

the  made in China Badonkedonk 

 of a  plastic fantastic 

 mustang Sally 

In with the in-Crowd

   From Sigma Wink and a Nod

   to the Delta Phi Episolon Explosion


A regular 


at  St. Nate’s  palettes

    Covering for chaotic order 

    of secret societies 

    From the raging hormone set             

              Disturbed initiations leave indelible marks

                        No traces 


get a load of that broad 

She heard 

  • Don’t drink 
  • don’t smoke 
  • what do you do 

She’d been the goody-two-shoes, role played her brain transmogrified, pretended to be anyone she was NOT, behind darkness, just to survive, 

Everyone must accept one or face prison time. She had a “choice,” and after that anthrax shelter stint, she decided the Rutger Hauer lookalike would be best for her “needs” as an aging, not quite ailing, sometimes failing but rarely falling, just hurtling headlong trying to escape this dimension of nonsensical pain, needless suffering – as if there is an acceptable form, the need full suffering – oh fuck off maker, the great ether, send me your meteors!

I am but a woman 

entreating the sky 

to break open 

some mercy 

once in a while 

Abraham was a hologram. The woman’s perfect companion. 

We live in such Cyborg times what will become of love 

asked no one after awhile 

Once the last stranger had left 

the last  dreamer, dead.

But still

Beneath the skin

Resistance lives 

Beyond the caves of men 

The Bermuda triangle 

where Venus of Willendorf 

was found swirling 

in multidimensional flux 

I am the alpha 

Athe the omega 

I walk through 

The ballet 

Not dance but walk

So I can swim 



“stigmatizing the child with charges of lying, manipulating or imagining from parents, courts and clinician…”

Read more: https://www.scribd.com/book/224612169

A life lost-a handmaid’s tale of invisible use of skin, stripped identity and lack of progenitors to inflict cosmic loneliness.

Combine that with a decisively human bent, emotional empathy, intellectual apprehension of a wide range of subjects punishable by death, of late.

What if your whole life were simply a lie? Invisible to all once you were no longer
Presenting in the skin
That is used to define
your being
politicized, sexualized, etherized upon the table

This is what I have tried to overcome for close to 30 years

-and here
we are
I am nobody
Are you no one too.

Incestuous abuse in particular leaves survivors with deep psychological conflicts that are difficult to resolve. The effects on identity, self-esteem, personality, behavior, health, relationships and happiness are extensive.

-Kimberly Callis, Childhood Trauma and Complex PTSD

This material protected by copyright. 

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Apparent Nonsense

She was a crypter of code, postmodern grifter, pro sifter of functions, crisscrossing backs of travelling souls. The ghosts spoke in ancient languages long since gone and now only the cryptozoologists were translating trans-species.
 Navajo code breaker chants of Kahunas 

Breaks backs as it distracts 

Enables detracts

Here we are