exposure heirachy of needs

Versus Was note And other detractors http://callistomedia.com/externaldocuments/cbt/CBT_Exposure_Hierarchy2.pdf

Courage to bleed


Last Wednesday in March

March 29th, a Wednesday, idol march, marching tides of woe spread across the land and so..   With all that I have been through lately, not more than some, less than others, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst pain you have experienced, I guess being unconscious technically gives you … Continue reading Last Wednesday in March


“As I lay there drifting off, I had a feeling. It cast out any shred of ambivalence about what I should do with my life, how I should be,” Cranston wrote. “I knew at that moment, lying inside a sleeping bag in a pup tent under a shelter on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia: … Continue reading Prescient 

Number 35

Like clockwork, she began the process. Disciplines > Storytelling > Plots   In the ground  My mother is no fish  She mused as she vomited Bad curry into a  Ten gallon bucket  That swirled down into  The tar pits of hell  🖕🏽🤘🏼🖖🏼 Polti's Situations > Recovery of a lost one          Recovery … Continue reading Number 35

`The statistic

-it was harder and harder to not succumb to the depressing realization that she was reduced to an inaccurate amalgamation of prejudices and generations of resentment cultivated with spite. Incalculable doom for told her fate. #positive


It was a secret Kim Ung-Yong " Korea 200 Leonardo da Vinci Universal Genius Italy 220 Lord Byron Poet & writer England 180 Ludwig van Beethoven Composer Germany 165infamous quotient   http://shakespeare.mit.edu/2henryvi/2henryvi.4.9.html scene 1: exit end scene: enters stage left