Sum of sun

Something anything but relentless sun burning new scars, from graffiti melting to backwards walker catchy tune to male you realize ten to fourteen days are at stake 


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We strive to be remembered,our joys raise us to the state of consciousness most coveted by this race to be humanoid, and devoid of painful emotions.


The absolute freedom to decide

whether wholesome living

without fearing holy retribution like Job

is really worth it.

Who sacrifices a thing anymore?


The see if desire to bed you comes through or dissipates dizzyingly dissolute, delineated cliches. But why not? It’s so mesmeriziby meaningless in the end.


If the super ego wins, the retribution begins


🌐 🌐

If the ego triumphs, the sublimation cause will go underground.


History on repeat

Less original composition


Nothing much to say

Police code

The aspirin 7.5 pink Norco is hard to break through




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