come as you were 

let’s wait and see about the “are”
you can call me zelda deserved jazz or tricky not black keyes kings of leon ugh

 can we just get a comprehensive list of sell-outs already?

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Non-fiction “How a President Gets Made”

[alternate: The Apprentice Effect or Making a President]

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Please consider the environment before you breathe

what i didnt know

you cant have it all

because we’ve been over the mountain top

In fact. We sliced it in half, sold the coal & scurried 

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Made of sand

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Daudealues daudelus dada less 

absurdity knows no cost 

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Last trip with Dad

Life doesn’t “just go on”

The “elite” of both political propaganda machines were saying how they’d be glad when the election was over. Well, my friends, it has just begun.

Sadly, voter apathy (can’t call it a protest vote) is the most powerful political machine once again.
Now we get Giuliani who resembles a rat in every way and Newt, who well, resembles a reptile. We get Omarosa who just last election was a rabid supporter of the man whose every act she now seeks to reverse. 

Life doesn’t “just go on” – We have no Secrets
This isn’t ever about anything they ever say it’s about. The Internet has made it better, made it worse.
We are on the verge of letting machines take over and we are going to be complicit as long as we let the monied elite bride, lie, extort and betray over and over.

It is time for a new party. I’m serious. Constitutional, representative, respectful of differences , supportive of advancement for all as strong, smart, healthyand resolute  Americans are the best GNP this country could have.  

Mourn for a short time because there is no use regretting or second-guessing. I regret that I only have one life  to give for my country. I struggle for every penny I’ve go. I’ve lost more than I’ve had. I’ve slept on a sidewalk. There are two countries but not the ones you think. There’s the states all loosely bound in federation but living under the will of their citizens battling out fairness and police brutality and social justice and the rest. Then there’s the federal behemoth surrounding Washington that is quite frankly killing us.

The DNC let us down. In my mind that leaves one option, a new party that gets it shit together over the next four years. 
If Trump’s a disaster, he’s out. 

Now, get your gun permit. 
Love is patient and kind

Love waits for no one 
Love overcomes hate, it is the only thing that can 

Not busy dying

Imagine absolute perfection 

I am dying. She sighed. Added, I thought you should know.

The sun poured in over her dashboard as NPR reported on the gasoline shortage in Venezuela. 

My mother is a fish. 

As I Lay Dying, a requiem for the South. Devoured as a behemoth, sustained by droughts, cultivated imaginatively. This long ago, years between, hollow space the words once filled, sends echoes seering across the vast emptiness of missed fortune, scattered dreams and nonexistent hopes, due to early dismantling by dark forces surrounding the child cut adrift by good intentions. 
I thought you should know.

So I could do or say or feel what? Please tell me. I have no idea on my own. You thought I would like to know or that I should do something that is never clear but always disappointing.

She drove until it was dark. She cried by the side of the road. She emptied her pockets, carved a hole in her soul, spun round to see who followed, in those whispering shadows that followed her ‘home.’