come as you were 

let's wait and see about the "are" you can call me zelda deserved jazz or tricky not black keyes kings of leon ugh  can we just get a comprehensive list of sell-outs already? Current project -"What I Didn't Know"  Non-fiction "How a President Gets Made" [alternate: The Apprentice Effect or Making a President] Patrons invited … Continue reading come as you were 

Life doesn’t “just go on”

The "elite" of both political propaganda machines were saying how they'd be glad when the election was over. Well, my friends, it has just begun. Sadly, voter apathy (can't call it a protest vote) is the most powerful political machine once again. Now we get Giuliani who resembles a rat in every way and Newt, … Continue reading Life doesn’t “just go on”

Not busy dying

Imagine absolute perfection  I am dying. She sighed. Added, I thought you should know. The sun poured in over her dashboard as NPR reported on the gasoline shortage in Venezuela.  My mother is a fish.  As I Lay Dying, a requiem for the South. Devoured as a behemoth, sustained by droughts, cultivated imaginatively. This long … Continue reading Not busy dying