The End is nearing

And the mothers know not 

what to do

Yet we implore 

them to listen

to the childless women

who would take their daughter in

who would guide their son 

to better lives

than are lost now

to bigotry and hate

when human life should 


the final closing hours 

of an underdog

in the universe

Playing catch-up with our Galileoes anr our Ensteins

Picassos and Hemingways

Ray Bradburys & Luke Skywalkers 

In the remains

The human race an anomaly 

self-destructive apathy 

an anti-thesis of meaning 

Bound by laws

adhered as temporal 

mendicants reliant 

on alms of others 

A sentient being 

no doubt

could possess a thirst

for power

The most elusive and hollow

of the three 

cast about 

in the 

Holy Trinity 

in the beauty of forgiveness 

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