Across the vast 

vice grip – – 

a tightening noose 

with a panoramic view

Code red! What’s your handle?

Crackdown meltdown of an eighteen wheel generation

about to implode

with a hip hop rhyme


sure thing, sugar

said the one and only 

man in power 

holding claim

with a

vice grip

[Verse 3]

The least i had to lose 


Was the most i seem to care

Anything should make you happy

Nothing could make you scared

#Was it truly 

after all

A little chilly 

before the thaw 

  • She called 
  • He answered

This was 



the way 

it was 

As you were 

far away 

by the tine 

We showed up

Interactive narrative toss send off story 

A girl and a boy


The poem 

a prelude 

The country we love 

The country we love

This land 

We once 

called sacred 

drug asunder 

by the 

sullied hollow

left by

these non



with absolute 

zero moral


Just nothing 

but power

grabs and 



and a mocking 

of us

so deep 

We can 

Never be

the same 

These two

dark forces 

have cast 

a pall

across the 


You feel it

don’t you? 

Either the 

rage or 

the fear?

This was 

not what 

we made 

it this 

far to 



at each 

other’s throats 

while america’s 



like hyenas 


a water buffalo 

while we 

go back

to the 

dark ages 

but just 

for some 

You know 

The weaker ones 

the women 

and children 
They’re the problem 

Especially the women 

So uppity

Do they need the right to 

‘do ‘


Weren’t they happier taking care of the home?
No one knows 

the trouble I’ve seen 

And now  

they never 


my fear has 

been reignited 

I don’t decide it,

it just comes, 

Never really goes 

just goes dark 


a survival skill

So many of us learn 

At a young age

to be shamed 

into a life of  silence.

  •       *       * 
    When yesterday I felt that mankind was my brethren, today the tone is somber as if my fellow country men think my vote is a problem, how can I not wonder if the powder keg is about to blow where violence towards any woman who speaks the truth turns to manic viciousness and the taking of women’s sexual choice becomes a matter of course, because you can, you’re a man. You can overpower me especially if you’re somebody because I am nobody. 

These things I fear now, again in my life like a helicopter brings back  anxiety, I fear this fury our elders have unleashed upon us. 

I am rarely scared. Spooked by noises and paranoid about trigger happy police only due to empirical evidence – the constant state of trauma I live in has just shifted based on how anyone can be reduced to an American being told she shouldn’t be allowed to vote – because the woman candidate is duplicitous and hyper-political with a facade as grand as Catherine the Great’s covering a vast machine fueled by contempt for its people.

This is where we stand. Police cars just flew down the street which is two blocks long going about 45 in a 15. Here come the sirens and the relentless choppers.

Police state rape culture you got it coming right up. Sure escalated quickly. Why do people have so many kids they can’t care for? Why are people so hateful? Does it really help?

The Misrepresented 

they have a voice 

just never their own

always politicized to

polarize with 

emptiness in


I don’t need this

right now 

if ever



it never


The logical beast 

She falls from above 

Not necessarily an angel 

But some kind of mystery

A beautiful morning 

Glad tidings on the horizon

That is the way of the logical beast