Conflict theories 

Clearing browser history 

I stop 

At this one 
Attempt to systematically 


the status quo

quid pro quo

habeas corpus

yo yo

Who got the money 

gonna take the store 

Who bought the land

gonna sell the farm

You shouldn’t breed so much

Certainly not more than two

And why you feel 

Entitled to 

anything is beyond



gen-x pop self categorization 

in a novella 

about being born mid sixties 
Which meant first president we knew from tv was Nixon that’s not cynical oh no the turning point of American innocence 

To teagans 80s where those who drank the koolaid profiting from the economic attack on the former middle class working class, the people who make and build things you need and grow your food and provide your entertainment. Those jobs all massive upheaval from Detroit to techno-assault on manufacturing guild tradition and service professions in the name of robotic replacement of humans.

Advantages sure, no benefits, workers comp just pure profit for google. For the tiny number of people who plan to survive the ongoing slaughter of any of us who serve no purpose for the rich controlling elite of the world who are primarily without emotional empathy and can therefore act out of pure self interest and justify profit as success a success is all that matters when the accumulation of fiber archenemy parchment currencies based on bonds, futures, commodities, loans, debts, interest- all a gamble, all here say based on scientific facts created by man to simplify the mystery and unknowable wonder of our planet and cosmos.
Let joy fill your heart 

I am appreciating a glorious day in Los Angeles partly mourning habing to leave my favorite light 

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