Rings a bell

that rings a bell But then the bell never went off Shed forget  Back TO being a stranger  Recluse  Agorophobic station wagon collapse  off the ever-resolate I-05 We all gotta go sometime. That hardly provided any comfort, like an expiration date, what exactly is it preventing? Equally maleficent, the warning label, the disclaimer, the we might … Continue reading Rings a bell

mྂoྂrྂeྂ from Ojai, oh!

Then, shots were fired... Four dead in Ohio Matthew Matthews  takes a couple of steps forward in a nonaggressive manner, but that's not what Roland sees.

elusiveness of time 

My skin crawls with dread  Generalized metastasisized aggrandized  It never is enough. Time forgets what mattered Loosened grip falsettos clamour by Vociferation incomplete  They have forgotten future generations. There is no space between us this was what she craved Her skin crawled with dread anticipation  of nothingness meaningless "nothing but a joke" uncertainty of it … Continue reading elusiveness of time 

Conflict theories 

Clearing browser history  I stop  At this one  Attempt to systematically  refute  the status quo quid pro quo habeas corpus yo yo Who got the money  gonna take the store  Who bought the land gonna sell the farm You shouldn't breed so much Certainly not more than two And why you feel  Entitled to  anything … Continue reading Conflict theories 

Memories of Elephants

at some point don't you wake up somehow and decide NOT TO BE EVIL or do you look in the mirror and realize that what looks back at you is dark and hollow         artwork by robert montgomery at robertmontgomery.org