The thing is

We think we have time 

we bemoan other people’s rules 

get on with the passing of time, expenditure of hours, becoming merely lives, tic toc sadness tic toc fleeting moment of just not suffering.

Knows this  Disappointment lurks 


Only in 

The most 

Inopportune moments
Love will elude you 

Someone once said 

Be patient 

You were 





hunter hunting
2nd grade

Not all who seek are found 

Not all who diverge are lost 

Looking up Audre Lorde

Still she’d never have 

This bastard at her table


This one ran from 

Place to place



A walking ghost

She carried spirits 

In her vessel

To the other side

That was her payment 

For life 

A life she never wanted 

A fate she could never leave 

The fate of the device in your hand 

Lying in the toxic gadget graveyard run amok with Carrie on in the hotel room with one of your standard 103 fevers, the image of the child collecting garbage to make a living comes to mind.

The world is out of whack.

The world is a mess 

Worse then ever 

And wouldn’t ya know 

I’ve never felt better 

The place that saved her life

I’d say more but my fingers hurt so typing causes pain. The irony of our life’s years pressing forward as collective chaos ensues is that I finally know I’m not the problem in time to see it all destroyed.

the world is unrelenting 

 our ways, in need of mending,

time we waste, not spending 

  time together 
everything that was is surely ending. 

The Ironic Process 

ironic effects in psychological terms,[are] those that may occur when attempts to suppress a thought increase its accessibility to memory so that it is more likely to be brought to mind, especially under conditions of stress or increased mental load.

The irony of your situation when you witness “ironic effects of dietary supplements” when you considered the “ironic effect of the negative image,” say the antithesis of dietary supplements, which is, according to Wikipedia, smoking. 
The ironic effect of realization when juxtaposed with actual existence.
Just because you think I don’t see you doesn’t mean I’m not observing your every move and just waiting, patiently, to pay you back for your egregious abuse of good natured people.

Do we

We never learn, do we?

Coz I wanna live life 

And always be true

We never change, do we?

We change. We get better or worse. We decide to become that way.

If we’re lucky, life relents. Gives in to the whims of humankind, looks the other way. You skate through life, sure to take credit for the circumstance created by your consecutively fortuitous decision-making.

This is what the 80s taught us.

Now, quantum physics comes along and says a brain can’t generate thoughts only receive stimuli and consistently identify patterns that reduce pain and suffering and this is what we call intelligence.

Well, as someone who took naturally to poetic metaphor, accepted the power of our archetypal mind and embraced the process of  collective consciousness, so I already knew thoughts came from elsewhere. But it’s not that

There it is 

The reminder 


How could he 


She forgave everyone 


She just wanted to 

be left alone 





It was when 

She caught your ever wandering eye 


you knew  nothing 


So many fake 



This first day of June


Cop a feel 

Be real 

Wada wada 


Remembrance of things past 

Cast shadows, calloused scars