The Bastard Chronicles

They finally have a bond that is deeper than any other bond.

           -Game of Thrones, Show Runner on bastard King Jon Snow seeing his half sister, Sansa 

Jon Snow, which seems reminiscent of ‘Jim Crow’ to me, alliteration is never coincidental.

The hazards of being a bastard

You get called names like “bastard child” by your adopted grandparents. You laugh. This disturbed your adopted parents. They’d really tried their best. They’d never meant for his to happen.
Humans and their best intentions.

I have no “bond stronger than no other.” I am sick of feeling bad about this. Stop bragging to me about your family bloodlines and your children and complaining about your parents. I am adopted and could not have children. If one of you out there can say the same, please say so.
Otherwise, I have no blood ties

You cannot even fathom the lies

That have destroyed my whole life 

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