First end 

Game’s end 

Almost Neared 

We headed Out 
Ample proof 

Just happenstance 



Our distance 

You soar

~across the sky 

to look me 

In the eye 

Ikeep saying you want 


like Wood




  1. life 
  2. With woodpecker 
  3. A fly 
  4. Or Fad
  5. Gadfly 
  6. On the 
  7. Prowl 
  8. muse of song 
  9. mystic maker 

Ethos come Eros

May leaves April at the altar 

G Robinson 

found fond of 

An era where icons let bygones bemoan



9 muses 9 lines

9 muses 

Epic poetry – Poet laureate – as if maya Angelou read the song of myself   But As everyone together imagine-

Music – Lyric poetry – voice of angels

Healing arts – dynamic  exchange, science quantum physics

All-encompassing  species survival

Painting – Sculpture – Film and Photography

Performance Dance  theater installation

Storytelling – cave painting – chronicles of humanity

public architecture – collective space

Tragedy and Comedy actors writers giving experience meaning

muse of collaboration  directors and conductors  🙌🏼 Those who fuse the ones who lead  living energy

creativity as  not just talent or   none At all

the final

the muse of alchemy


in 9 sec



anesthetize don’t agonize

And so

It was

With great

Abandon that

She ruled

The world


where chaos unfolds

It’s hard to know why you live

III – THE end painting “OBEY”

visiting the muse of graffiti epics

First the truth long suppressed (but still must be masked to prevent further bleeding) and then, some shot at healing.

Photographs all by me 

Portfolio preview

through cracks in the pavement 

Listen closely

you will hear

a majestic noise

beckons near,

resounding sanctum when

the coast is clear.

Beneath a pall

of nothingness,

assumes the mantle of sorrow,

that with apparent paradox

each cerebral cortex

was made of just grey matter.
 An acoustic scattering
of words

slowly subsides

beneath the

isostatic press, 

a crimson flush.


The cerebral cortex is the most important part of our brain (at least in the field of psychology) because it is what makes us human. The cerebral cortex (sometimes referred to as called “gray matter”, is actually densely packed neurons.

The Bastard Chronicles

They finally have a bond that is deeper than any other bond.

           -Game of Thrones, Show Runner on bastard King Jon Snow seeing his half sister, Sansa 

Jon Snow, which seems reminiscent of ‘Jim Crow’ to me, alliteration is never coincidental.

The hazards of being a bastard

You get called names like “bastard child” by your adopted grandparents. You laugh. This disturbed your adopted parents. They’d really tried their best. They’d never meant for his to happen.
Humans and their best intentions.

I have no “bond stronger than no other.” I am sick of feeling bad about this. Stop bragging to me about your family bloodlines and your children and complaining about your parents. I am adopted and could not have children. If one of you out there can say the same, please say so.
Otherwise, I have no blood ties

You cannot even fathom the lies

That have destroyed my whole life