Just like Sister Ray says 

Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse used by narcissists in order to instill in their victim’s an extreme sense of anxiety and confusion to the point where they no longer trust their own memory, perception or judgment. The techniques used in “Gaslighting” by the narcissist are similar to those used in brainwashing, interrogation, and torture that have been used in psychological warfare by intelligence operative, law enforcement and other forces for decades.

  1. Generation Gaslight

just got back from California 

said she couldn’t stand the weather 

Theolonius smiled. He didn’t need weather.

They’re busy waiting for her Sailor

Who’s dressed in pink and leather

He’s just here from Alabama

He wants to know a way to earn a dollar


So they hit THE ROAD, not in any Kerouac kind of way, they had no ride-the-rails illusions and the gas shortage meant they’d have to improvise. 

Ah, you shouldn’t do that

And by the way you’ve got a dollar

See both of them said at the same time, not much has really changed. They’re still killing off little old ladies who were on the grassy knoll when Kennedy was killed, they’re still working the slaves to death, throwing them in jail for disagreeing, sedate the masses with promises of dreams no one will ever see, because they are fairy tales meant to coerce you into believing they are the one who will protect you because you belong to the nation of your birth. The nation that your ancestors came to, exploited, innovated, re-fashioned into a place where, in theory, we hold these truths to be self-evident. 

What is evident is much of what the founders of this country warned us about is already happening.

We are, however, a nation of arguing points of view (the federalist v the agrarian states debates involved loaded weapons back in the day of our supposedly “perfect” founding fathers, who were so making money off whiskey distilling that farmers lead an armed rebellion against George Washington and his white horse) and ultimately, sworn to uphold the principles of tolerance for others’ beliefs, due process before the law (aka not condemning an entire “class,” “ethnicity,” “sexual orientation”   to a blanket allegation based on rage.

A rage that has been festering since we realized we were the first generation to definitely be worse off than our parents. 

The baby boomers consumed everything, gave us crack, suburban sprawl and a well-designed system of selling off America while those who hold the noose laugh all the way to the bank that will be bailed out by the same guy (Greenspan? What a joke! His name tells us greed span as he also orchestrated the financial structure of the 2008 housing crisis). “No one doesn’t pay their mortgage.” Well, now most of us can’t even afford to buy a house on the average median working schmuck wage. 

Factor in the COLA (cost of living),  a magical supply and demand of oil (but not much of a savings passed onto you because our economy demands big corporations  gouge you whenever possible) and interest rates dispensed by royal decree of the green man behind the curtain. 
There are always other options. They won’t tell you on the news and half “the internet of things” is a bot marketing clusterfuck. The deep web is a labyrinth of obsessive rules, who needs to get in trouble with some reddit moderator on a subject that they feel is theirs alone. Or the dark web which I imagine is a constant loop of anonymous hacking the military industrial complex that supplies the fanatics with the weapons of genocide. That and people getting off on hurting others, and generally all the things that make you hang your head in shame as a living human being.

I don’t even think,  “Aren’t we better than this?” as I might twenty-five years ago. 

Do I think we are worse than before? In some ways, most definitely, we’ve regressed. But for the most part I think it’s up to us to stay focused on a people that is this country, a better way to fix things than turning in on ourselves. We are going to need to be united to deal with the future. Iran, N. Korea, Putin, ISIS, your friendly neighborhood cartel and citizen serial killer. 

The dangers are always there. There’s always a new plague, a crisis in Africa & the Middle East (by design & set in motion many years before we were born), gang vengeance, conquerors and bullies. 

There also appear to have always been caregivers, healers, growers of food, teachers, storytellers, inventors, hunters, warriors, shamans and enough people to carry forth knowledge that helps us, humans, the ones who live on this planet we treat like a sewer, around fellow humans we treat like somehow not as good as we are – not as hard working, honest, deserving, and worthy as my kind. 

Tribal Cro-Magnon rock paintings is about all we have to show for this anomaly of a species: the cocky, not very bright, petty, self-destructive,  devious, gluttonous, short-sighted excuse for a species. 
Imagine how far we could have evolved without the oppression of 99% of our man-made religious institutions (if they’d let Galileo be the genius he was instead of keeping him under house arrest because THE CHURCH said the earth was flat). 
I doubt a chimpanzee would ignore that kind of leap in information that can help advance your collective group (Noah’s Arc for those who still can’t reconcile scientific thought, math, survival skills and spiritual wonder). Bed bugs, cockroaches, rats and fleas have adapted quite brilliantly, yet they are “vile creatures.” 
These are the best of times

These are the worst of times 

Just like sister Ray said 

Primordial Mass: 101

There is unity in derision. A certain coalescing of like-minded anti-speaking stand-for-nothing but against a lot kind of folks.

The bubbles fall over Lawrence Welk, and yet no one is happy.

We live in a bubble now. Most of us know a world that does not exist elsewhere, yet we kavetch and cajole mercilessly, as if our lives depending on it, for to be gushing with gratitude is for the delusional. There is so much to be concerned about, so much to overcome, so much to wonder what the hell happened. Even as the American Dream, as we ‘knew it, in all its ˌfanˌtazməˈɡôrēə/ phantasmagorical glory, was fading right before our lives, with a whimper and a housing crisis engineered by the treasury who saved the banks which means we essentially pay three times, one to the crooks (the bank), one to the other crooks (the gov’t) and one to our immediate circle of associates who we pay for various goods to keep us alive.

Before everyone was so isolated in their petty one-upmanship gains, pursuing their ‘rightful’ place in the aggrandizements of manifest destiny, believing they are better, just slightly, than any ‘you’ that you can conceive of to throw out there for their perusal. The scrutiny lifts only when the troops find they have a common cause–their very survival somehow is threatened by a magistrate, or

Asteroid 4179 Near Miss


how is it that we can live in such a way where we ignore everyday reality to wage war for temporal, often imaginary gains. We could be advancing to our ultimate potential in consciousness, intelligence, sustainability, figuring out our species, figuring out our planet, doing something to prevent our planet’s inevitable demise.
But instead we wage war and point out differences and call people by the color of their skin. We have not evolved. We are primordial mass.
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 The moon shifts and glides, in black and white, coveting the earth’s glance, as night crests and wanes into nothingness that has no soul.

The right thing to do 

You’re no good baby you’re no good I’m gonna say it again 


You haven’t been scared shitless til you’re on the backroads of a sugar plantation wondering how the fuck you’re going to get everyone out alive without someone ending up in jail. We need to leave was my standard. As I’m six foot tall and the one usually with my shit together (except the times I’ve been in jail but I was alone so safe to say if you’re with me that means I am safe), my less vertical friends at the time (coz they sure ain’t friends now) generally left their Hawaiian boyfriends behind, to tend to their wives. What a mess. Not me, it ain’t me. These people work at Pixar and own a yacht now. I like siting on the floor or so I tell myself because I don’t know why i say anything at all 

Year of the Snake

She was born into wisdom and ancient prophecy yet he had let her slip away in the bazar just like his dream the night before his father went MIA. 


Sometimes we learn these things too late 

The experience of ongoing trauma in childhood significantly increases the likelihood of developing dissociative disorders in adulthood (International Society for the Study of Dissociation, 2002; Kisiel & Lyons, 2001; Martinez-Taboas & Guillermo, 2000; Nash, Hulsey, Sexton, Harralson & Lambert, 1993; Siegel, 2003; Simeon et al., 2001; Simeon, Guralnik, & Schmeidler, 2001; Spiegel & Cardeña, 1991).


The how’s never match the whys 

Hallowed ground, 

The time is now

She said