Love letters, never seen 

She didn’t know exactly when she stopped opening her mail but she think it began first with her parents’ respective points of view after 38 years of marriage ended in acrimonious divorce – to me, the 22-23 year old finally out on my own.

The perfect “mascot” according to DSM family system social work enlightenment a la Joyce Nakamura, who wore thick black framed glasses and seemed to let Wayne Yamashita slide while making Tina Higachi and the white girl from ViRginia take all the workload, while Wayne napped and drooled and the token black chick fucked off taking about her husband to the poor local girl answering the phones.


Snow White1982
This was aloha aina.

This was the embracing of a place that swallowed up all my doubt and grief and spit it back at me in the form of Milolii where I went over the reef because it was the best option.


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