Useless utterances 

  1. I didn’t ask to be born;

2. Why me?  3. I don’t know who you think you are!

ALTERNATE: Who do you think you’re taking to?

number four. Be sure to say goodbye;



  1. There is no such thing as….cognitive dissonance…



The truest words you’ll never hear, confounding you as you die of thirst, because the aquifer has finally gone kaput.

It is 4-score and 7 yars ‘aun, yet still, one thing remains. The circumlocution of the sun,  the witness of our cross to bear.

Not our love songs and indubitably sopping up the mess of amalgamation,

commonly ascribed to the human spirit.


I have not seen the fireballs thrown by the kahuna emeritus of Molokai 

But I have asked the full-bellied goddess of the moon and somehow communicated well enough for our safe passage

Of this 

we sing

Great songs 


in their



For there to be a supplicant, there must also be a protector and a persecutor. This is the first rule of the first of 36 dramatic situations.


 and in the end 

the love you 






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