When I was fortunate to study with the Hawaiian Kahuna Abraham, who happened to live one road over from my home on Kaokolo Place, he gave us five states of being to work on in life which were awareness, presence, alignment, magnitude and I always forget the fifth one.

Umberto Eco wrote: You must not think linearly. The water in these fountains doesn’t. Nature doesn’t; nature knows nothing of time. Time is an invention of the West.

From a piece posted by a boutique agency agent on linkedin. I wonder what their performance review is like – “well you didn’t find enough niche talent, Becky, so sayonara Sally!” 

I need an agent. I can actually make them money. I just want an app that gets all the money that’s owed me by greedy production companies with line producers who get kick backs for gutting the wages of working creative producers and takes all that money they ripped off from me and pays back all the people I owe with interest forever and sends food to hungry people anywhere. That’s a useful app.

Today I caught the sunrise. Bad sleep (still recovering from the common cold ’16) forces me to get up as soon as I see light. 


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