The have been so many beginnings

There have been so many beginnings to stories started in narrative as the driving force behind – what? the great American novel? Others had already seen to that. But the idea to tell the story of your time, truthfully, honestly, and in a way your peers and those around you would respect. That’s for the anti-thesis makers andContinue reading “The have been so many beginnings”

The week of those who were born

This week is a busy week for people whose birthday is or was February 22, starting with Zookie, who has known me since I was born or before I was born if it is possible to know collective consciousness then well yes, Zookie would be on that list. I never called her because I couldn’tContinue reading “The week of those who were born”

Love letters, never seen 

She didn’t know exactly when she stopped opening her mail but she think it began first with her parents’ respective points of view after 38 years of marriage ended in acrimonious divorce – to me, the 22-23 year old finally out on my own. The perfect “mascot” according to DSM family system social work enlightenmentContinue reading “Love letters, never seen “