There is a want, there is a need 


for that is what it is to be alive, here, in this absolute 

secondary moment 

Why ask yourself what makes my heart sing?

  • intensely meaningful 
  • core to your being 
  • essence of your identity
  • what I think about – is telling this story, whatever story I am engrossed in – and what I think about at the end of the day is how tomorrow is going to be so much better and I will miraculously right all my wrongs and balance all my spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations with not one typo kind of day it will be…
  • or not. But it will be a day when we say to our only god, death: not today. That’s my favorite simple mantra to tell whoever’s listening – again I say there is no clear definition of who’s in charge, so I’m going with Game of Thrones mythology – the warrior’s god is death and you say NOT TODAY. Little girl with her wooden sword escaping certain death – repeating, as little girls do, over and over as she runs-not today.
  • the best feeling in the world is when you can’t wait to get up in the morning 
  • the ‘right path’ is a dead end for people like me. But that’s not a bad thing. It’s just no one’s cut a road so you just go, and it’s not always noteworthy but it’s defining your process which is one piece of the puzzle when committing to some form of creative ‘career,’ as in ain’t gonna happen better keep that day job your IT background sure is gonna come in handy when no one buys your paintings…




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