Schoolgirl Games 

You play, or you die 

-Cerce, Game of Thrones

If you don’t play, you drift, but you don’t necessarily lose. You don’t play, you die. If you play and lose, you die. If you play and win, you still die. 

There must be something else, there must be some drive deeper than all else, beyond mere knowledge of your own spatial boundaries, physical limitations, & societal definitions of the you that gets transported around for all those years in your head while going about the business of destroying this place man named EARTH. 
Some “one” told us to call it Earth, of course, but was it Yahweh, Allah, Shiva or The name that can’t be spoken?

There’s no definitive clarity on the matter of the creator, which is supposed to be our creator, that can be gained using human capacities to prove, unequivocally, the nature of and existence of such an entity. 

This is something no one wants to discuss.


The one who made everything then walked away.



EARTH. Yeah that’s what we’ll call it.
And chaos, that’s everything else.

And someone to blame, the bad guy. Who’s pissed off the good guy who’s responsible for everything.

We have to be sufficiently grateful or he gets pissed and sends bad shit our way. Sometimes he just sends bad shit our way for no reason. You can do everything in your measly little lifetime power to get the “right” outcome (the one with less pain) , and it still won’t guarantee your lot in life.

I say, you only win if you don’t die when they try to do you in.


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