Lucky 7, Suspect 6

Seven Swans a Swimming 

   Swans are regal but only after an awkward adolescence so they have depth to their beauty. 

Six geese a-laying 

    Geese get the grunt work,  sans alliteration a la “9 ladies dancing,” the lyrical understudy for the sleight of hand  transition from castle to stable–

Drummers Drumming, Pipers Piping, Lords a Leaping, Ladies Dancing, Maids a Milking, Swans a Swimming


We had raised hundreds of geese. Hector and Gertrude were lifelong mates and actually chose each other much to the dismay of Gus and Hortense who were never as much in love. It is true what they say about Canada geese. They mate for life. I saw it with my own two eyes.

Hector and Gertrude our Canada geese lifelong mates God knows how many broods…

  This is where I grew up with over 250 ducks, geese, 7 Hawks, a raccoon, many dogs, a horse, snakes, Pearl the pig, rabbits, an osprey, grebes, an mockingbird and a sparrow hawk named Spike.

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