Day 3 Epiphany

These opposable thumbs are out-moded. I locked myself out of my hard drive because the encrypt pusherman kept asking – already told apple they need three step warning saying ARE YOU REALLY SURE YOU WANT TO ENCRYPT ALL YOUR FILES FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE? See, being accustomed to both mac and pc, I was in a hurry and don’t recall the fine print about every future back up ever and ever into infinity until the new Star Wars is released and you really hope it’s not cheesy.
The one time you also use the useless password “tool” which fails to copy and paste the mystery encrypted password. The same time I updated to El Capitan because again apple pusherman of updates keeps suggesting it and bam – oops. Wonky update. Note to self: read user forums before changing your back up drive configuration.  And passwords. Why do we even have passwords when all we hear is how everyone is a hacker, they basically teach toddlers to code with their Cheerios.

These opposable thumbs are sore because I keep not buying the wireless keyboard because they all seem flimsy and uncomfortable. I type fast. I type unconventionally – or so I’ve been told. I just switched from thumbs to index fingers. I never type on the keyboard of a tablet like the keyboard of a computer and typewriters – how did we ever type that fast before the electric typewriters saved our 9th grade English class from the slow thought of manual typing. I preferred long hand. It was almost as fast as my brain. Plus, erasers. No. 2 pencils.

Back to two thumbs – can type the fastest. Remember I am the only one anyone had ever seen type that fast on a Motorola Razer 2006- as I memorized the foibles of predictive text. I’m an idiot savant that way. Like with 24 fps. 

But fat lotta good that does in the land where no one cares 
The thumbs will develop callouses of grief from all the words unkempt blurred denied defied and met

By words we never even meant 

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