Say it isn’t so

Day 2 on the meaning of life 
A blank page 

An empty canvas

Truth foretold 

Bought and sold 

The only thing that’s yours to call your own is the life you live. But what does that even mean? Read the Heart of Darkness and get back to me.
I can’t be responsible for your freedom, she said, confused, losing her mind, that must be hard to watch.

The longer I go on the more I realize that not having any traceable DNA makes me extremely unique and I wonder how I can best utilize that in my next chapter. 

I hate speaking in vagueties & yet I do all the time. I learned the cover of the veil can keep you alive.

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Director, Writer, Producer Nominated for two primetime Emmy's for the Apprentice Emmy award winning episode The Amazing Race Columnist, Editor, Grantwriter UVa-B.A. English/History VFS-Certificate Film Conflict Resolution Mediator Facilitator, State of Hawaii, DOJ Published poet, filmmaker, photographer, music aficionado. Canoe paddler, horse wrangler, gem dealer, fixer, The Wolf. Katherine Walker EP-Show Runner, Director katherineelizabethwalker LinkedIn Los Angeles, CA Schedule a time

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