Worshipping the skin you walk on

Trying this again.

I think worship and sacrifice are incendiary words in these times, so I will say this and hope it doesn’t get rejected by the obvious – or is it oblivious – void? 
Regardless of the irregardless, I say any higher spirutual entity worth fucking listening to at this time in our consciousness and evolution as a sentient species, it is imperative that we understand the truth of our reality as rationally as possible while making conscious decisions about our role in humanity. 
Are we killers or are we creators? Can we come together to stop those who only vilify. That negation of human awareness, like cancer grows. 
Walk the walk-fortune from misery is no wealth at all-teach to enlighten, listen to learn-knowledge without application is vacuous-lest we forget (whatever that means to you, and your tribe)-6: principle must govern political aims, not the power temptations of old.

And with regard to titheing for your faith, you think God has a 401-k? Sends funds to a Swiss bank account for his crusaders to battle it out to the death on all sides? Does your church or mosque or temple provide sanctuary and healing? Then that energy should all be turned to the evil of your brethren who walk among us dreaming only of killing with no reason other than brainwashed hate.
It’s about sacrificing feat for love, yes. About giving always every day to someone in need however you can. To take in the children with no parents, the refugees of war where everyone distrusts you because your people kill in the name of the same God. 

It’s hard not to be jittery and even more difficult not to bombastically generalize about what kind of faith allows such atrocity to be cited in its name? Explain your holy book to me, please, as I am growing wary of the lies.
We have been cornered by our civil tolerance for behavior that we should not tolerate. Economic survival of most citizens takes all they have so no one knows what to do so they do nothing. 


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