For those I won’t forget 

the new moon closest to the shortest solar day Calls our silences back together  to those times we forgot  everything but the immediate  command – to live in the face of pressure to absolutely give up, give in not buck up relentlessly past due date circumference  death. You’d be surprised how wrong you are aboutContinue reading “For those I won’t forget “

And to all a good life 

   A study by Gavin Finley SUMMARY: The two turtledoves in holy scripture and in literature present a picture of devotion and covenant lovingkindness. It is a sublime vision of earthly love and friendship. Two is the number of witness. One person is bringing a witness on behalf of his friend, his companion. OneContinue reading “And to all a good life “

Lucky 7, Suspect 6

Seven Swans a Swimming     Swans are regal but only after an awkward adolescence so they have depth to their beauty.  Six geese a-laying      Geese get the grunt work,  sans alliteration a la “9 ladies dancing,” the lyrical understudy for the sleight of hand  transition from castle to stable– Drummers Drumming, Pipers Piping, LordsContinue reading “Lucky 7, Suspect 6”

Day 4 is 12 

The countdown begins. The myth gets perpetuated so that anyone not fulfilled by the hegemony of ideas feels vacant and lacking, in some way infinitely sad.  Walking around the ‘fair’ for local artisans, at first, as with almost everything of late, a specific memory hit me:  the Virginia Beach Waterfowl Festival with my father theContinue reading “Day 4 is 12 “