Fortified Rebellion: A Prelude

Look into my eyes / I am not myself

But then again / who am I


There was a sign over the concrete and to the south and lower left on the etched dried out tapestry map of your life flowing into the river that is my one and only breath, that never knew breath before you.

–WHAT IF THAT WERE THE CASE? If it were only true for you? Would it matter more then? Imagine that it was only for you. This life.

  • When everything you want is straight ahead 
  • You might fade away

Love is so over-rated

The way

It gets

too complicated to say

And here we are


Revolving door

Your skin

My heart

Every time you give your love away

No one needs you

You better think again


You let somebody in

They might

Fade away

  • They might fade up
  • And that’s the reason
  • You do not
  • Jump from. The roof (not to mention the fact that it’s not high enough anyway)



-will take you for a ride

-why is that bad, again?
Aye, rebel music, oh why can’t we roam the open country oh why can’t we be what we want to be we want to be free three o’clock road block and I’ve got to throw away yes I’ve got to throw away yes I’ve got to I’ve got to throw away my little herb stalk

Suss me out

Check my life

If I am in doubt
2015-02-01 12.51.22

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