Accomplishments meet Backslides

Your two accomplices for the moment. Your momentum, while marginally impressive (only give the astounding depths of despair from which you’ve had to hoist yourself out of – the fact that there is any consistent productivity going on is a not of a benchmark 🛀🏼 but we know what happens when we put the cart before the egg.
The backslides comes easy, their nature is so come-hither. It’s easy to fall back into he patterns where you’re suppressing anything that you want or need to get better – just barreling through on some mission that will just wind up hurting you in the end. 
The goal, therefore, becomes – with our without commensurate growls or interruptions from contemptuous sources – to attain a more-or-less-even-a-slight-percentage improvement in any of the following: emotional honesty with self and others on issues that you even know how you really feel and are I alignment (again, mais or menos) enough to be able to comprehend, then Articulate. Then realize. Evolve. Fit in, fall back, free fall, full of fear, how do I define me for you? 
All her life she’d had to suppress showing any feelings of shame, despair, guilt or personal sense at all. She was told what not to do (acknowledge it) or face grave consequences, which actually later did transpire. Life is like that. Who knows? But her life had been.
Now the trial period was over, times enjoined and enough wasted hours cryogenically formed in the shape of her Heart. Now it was steadying and reliance and emotional honesty – with samurai sword. 

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